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All Because Of One Lie: Part I

December 3, 2009
By WriterA.M. PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
WriterA.M. PLATINUM, Denver, Colorado
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Andrews’s mother looked at him with skepticism and said, “You never told me you were in your schools Astronomy Club. I’m impressed Andrew.”
“Technically I’m not in it yet. But I am interested and you don’t have to be in it to be able to attend the meetings. In fact students who aren’t in it are encouraged to go,” Andrew said.
“So can I go?”
“Of course dear, do you need me or your father to give you a ride and pick you up afterwards?”
“That won’t be necessary my friend Sam is going to the Astronomy Club meeting with me. He drives so that pretty much covers transportation for me.” A cars horn honked. “That must be Sam. Bye mom, see you later,” Andrew said heading to the front door.
“Take care Andrew, and make sure you come straight home after the meetings over,” his mom said.
“I will mom,” Andrew said opening the door.
“I’ll leave your supper on the table for when you get back,” she said.
“Ok,” Andrew said shutting the door. Andrews’s lips formed a mischievous grin. His mother had believed his story. And why would she doubt him even for a second? It was a cloudless night, perfect for star and planet observation. Sam waved to him waiting for him in a blue truck.
“Ready to go to the Astronomy Club?” Sam joked as Andrew got seated and buckled up in the passenger’s seat.
“Am I ever, but I won’t be able to get sky high tonight I’m afraid.”
“Guess that means more beer for me then," Sam said racing off. When they got to the party they each found a random girl who didn’t seem to have a boyfriend or maybe or just hadn’t shown up to the party and danced with them. The music playing was painfully loud. Once they were threw dancing they drank a bit. When Andrew and Sam had talked enough with the girls and it was clear nothing between them was going to happen tonight they told the girls they had to leave.
“So now what do we do Andrew?” Sam said. Sam was walking kind of wobbly. He bumped into a big guy who had his back to him. The big guy dropped his green cup and alcohol poured on his shoes. Another typical Sam moment. By the time the guy spun around Andrew had already tugged Sam into a tight group of dancing kids and were out of the way before the guy saw them.
“My quick thinking saved your life there Sam,” Andrew said.
“Nah, I could have taken him,” Sam said brushing away from Andrews hold. Sam’s breath smelled of alcohol and his speech was off and he clearly wasn’t at the peak of his mental performance, which hadn’t been much to begin with. Andrew was trained in the martial arts and could take on pretty much everybody at the party but would he defend his drunken friend if it came to that?
Andrew doubted it, he would probably just open a bottle and drink while being entertained by watching his friend get the stubborness beat out of him. Many songs had played and ended. The air became noticably chillier as the night went on. They had been at the party for quite a while and Andrew wondered what time it was.
He put a hand in each of his pockets looking for his cell phone. They were empty, he hadn’t brought it along. “Sam do you have a cell phone?”
“Not on me. Or do I? Nah I don’t. Or maybe I do!” Sam blabbered. Andrew sighed his friend had had too much to drink tonight. He approached a girls sitting atop a table beer bottles next to them.
“Excuse me ladies, but would any of you be so kind as to tell me what time it is?” Andrew said flashing a smile at them. They smiled back.
“Sure,” a girl said reaching into her pocket and pulling out a fancy pink cell phone. She flipped it open and said, “It’s 10:07.” It's already past ten!
“Thank you,” he said turning and heading back to Sam who was facing in his direction but past him toward the girls.
“Hey,” another girl said.
“Yeah?” Andrew said turning halfway to face them. A curvy red head approached him.
“Care to dance?” she said. Andrew would have loved to but he had promised his mother he wouldn’t be late home, which he already was. He noted that the girl hadn’t been drinking like the other girls. That meant she had already had enough to drink or hadn’t been drinking at all.
“Sorry, but I really should be getting home.”
“Well, ok,” the girl said flicking a stray clump of hair away from her face before going back to her friends. She looked disappointed. Maybe she was sober and was really interested in me, poor girl. Then again, maybe not so poor since a girl with morals had no reason to be at a party like this anyways.
“Come on Sam it’s time for us to leave,” Andrew said patting his friend on the back.
“Dude I saw and heard the whole thing, you shot down that red heads offer for a dance,” Sam said. Andrew ignored him. When they both got to the truck it was obvious that Sam was in no condition to be driving.
Andrew wasn’t feeling too coordinated himself. But he had had only two drinks so he didn’t see what the harm was about driving feeling only a little drunk. Plus he was a pretty big guy. “Don’t worry I’ll drive,” he said. Sam handed over his keys to him. Andrew had never been to driving school, but he didn't think there was any harm in driving only one night. I Know how to fix cars, so how hard can it be to drive one?
Andrew drove Sam home passing every stop sign. His judgment had been impaired and he didn’t see the need to stop at any stop sign this late into the night when no one was driving except them. Sam lived only four houses down from where he lived so he could just leave the car at his place and walk home from there.
When they reached an adjoining street to the one they both lived in Andrew floored the accelerator. The trucks engine roared. "Whoo-hoo," Sam mumbled sounding bored as they sped down the road. This is so awesome, Andrew thought watching his surroundings go by in a blur. He eased his foot on the gas half way to Sam’s place, but he was still going faster than he was supposed to. Especially being drunker than he had been during the party. He didn't know how fast he was going when he accidently swerved onto the wrong side of the road. A pair of headlights met those of the truck.

The author's comments:
Making the wrong choices is not cool, but it can bring your life to ruins. This is the fictional story of a boy who did just that. He started by telling a lie.

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