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Let me rise

December 20, 2009
By marisaleighxx GOLD, Poughkeepsie, New York
marisaleighxx GOLD, Poughkeepsie, New York
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Unprepared for what the world has to offer me you let me go. You told me to spread my wings and fly like a free bird across the horizon. With the wind flowing lightly through my hair I thought “this is what I need.” Until I realized these wings I had were clipped, incapable of flight, instead of soaring through the air I was slowly increasing my pace towards the ground and you just sat up in that nest and watched, while I was hurdling towards the ground just before I hit pavement you grabbed me by the back and saved me.
Tears rolling down my baby face you cradled my head telling me “Everything is going to be alright.” But the fear of falling again would haunt me for a long while. But still you would nudge me out into the sea to swim, wading in the water without a life jacket to keep my head above the water. You’re what keeps my head level when irrational things seem to happen.
Mom I’m sorry I’ve made the past few years a living nightmare

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