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Ugly personality

January 5, 2010
By Toxic_Wasteland PLATINUM, Andowver, New Jersey
Toxic_Wasteland PLATINUM, Andowver, New Jersey
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"Something happened today," she said with sadness in her eyes.
She truns with utter dissapointment knowing nothing good can come from asking.
"O dear, what ahppened?"
she looks at her solumnly and opens her mouth to speak.
"I got into a fight with her."
She looks and speaks slowly.
"My dear what did you do?"
"I heard her say something about me and it wasn't so sweet, so I grabbed her hair and punched her in the face. She ran to the nurses office for her bloody nose and swollen eye."
She looks to her with anger in her eyes, clutching her fists.
"What did I do to make you like this, make you into this horrible, unforgiving teen. I didn't think I was a horrible mother, but I guess I was wrong, or no maybe your just a horrible young girl!"
She looks at her mother in disbelief, her mouth open wide in shock. None of that is true, her mother did nothing wrong, she didn't mkae any mistakes, in fact she was perfect. The one thing she said though, the one thing that was true, was that she is a horrible person, a no good, right to bone, black whole, no emotion, cold, unbearable girl. She couldn't deny it. But nothing could stop her from what she was about to say.
"You don't understand,she's a two timing, brunnette, ugly brat."
"It does NOT matter, I swear I raised you better then this. She is not the ugly brat, you are. Your personality makes you extremely ugly!"
She can't bare to say another word, she knows, oh yes she knows her mother is right, nothing could possibly change that. But in all honesty she never really saw herself for who she truly was. A horrible ugly person. Her thoughts are broken when she breaks in.
"What did she say?"
"What did she say?"
"The ugly Brat!"
"Oh she said'She is so horrible I wish she would just die, she has no place.'"
"That's all?"
"Hmm, well I"m sorry that's true."
True. yes infact it was true, she didn't realize it until she replayed the words that girl had said in her head, and now her mother was telling her the truth, she was an ugly person.
"Right, so should I go."
"Go where?"
"I don't know, to my room I guess."
"No, I don't want you in this house,"
"What, but mom I..."
"Get out of my house your not my child, no child of mine is this horrible."
"O, ok."
"Now get whatever you need and go, just go. I think you've dissapointed me enough."
She was right she had dissapointed her enough. Nothing could change that, she grabbed her car keys from her dresser draw and proceeded out the door, where she stood still to see the uglu girl standing in front of her, no not the girl she hit the girl in the mirror of her review mirror of her car. Yes, herself, she saw nothing that meant anything to this world. The pretty girl was the one she hit, she was pretty, the real girl, the nice one, the girl she longed to be and should of been.
She starts her engine and backs out of the drive. She doesn't know where she is going so she drives, drives straight, past all the turns and curves in the road just straight. She knows what she is doing, she is taking the words that are glued in her head and making them real, "She is so horrible I wish she would just die.' So this is where it will end, she drives through the woods not even swerving out of the way for anything, nothing else is going through her mind. She comes to a hault at a cliff in the woods, she decides to drive into it and fall, fall away from everything. But one thing rushes to her mind, 'Is this really my time? should I really do this and never know what was suppose to happen to me.' But before she can think twice she pushes it away from her brain. she mumbles beneath her breath,
"No! This is what is suppose to happen, this IS my destiny!"
And so she drives, drives straight over the cliff and falls.
*2 days later*
"NOOO!!! I didn't want her to die, not my child not her, please no!"
"I"m so sorry ma'am but it has happened, her car and her body were found at the bottom of the cliff last night."
she cries, she cries almost for eternity. And her daughter stands right there, a spirit looking at her mother sitting in her room, for the 10th time, this month, she just sits there and cries for 3 hours. O yes shes counted and she can't bare it. she speaks to herself.
"Maybe, this wasn't suppose to be, none of this was suppose to be. I didn't want to see my mother cry." she shakes her head, but looks up within a second to hear someone elses voice, a familar voice.
"No, this was not your destiny, Why?"
She looks to her mothers bed, and sees her still huddled over crying, o how she had though her mother had killed herself and heeard her, but it has not happened. Her mother has not heard her, she has just said what she never wished she heard.
"If only I can see your beautiful green eyes, and your wonderful smile, and take in your warming hug, everything would be ok."
she hears her mother and says with everything she has, the last words before she transfers into the light.
"O mommy, how I wish I could see you smile, and green eyes light up over my presents i gave you, and the hugs you gave even when I messed up. O mom how I wish I could just say I'm sorry, I"m so so sorry."
And then she dissapears into the light, and the last words she hears is from her mother finally hearing her words.
"O sweetie, I forgive you, I really do."

The author's comments:
I didn't want to use names I wanted everyone to picture everything in your minds.I want you to mkae up names by decription, maybe names of someone you know that fit with this.
o and I having nothing against brunnettes in fact i am one lol.

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