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The Worst

January 10, 2010
By ElizabethBlack PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
ElizabethBlack PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Life is like nature. It has to be. Life comes from nature; nature comes from life. Life can act in many different ways. It can flow like a river. It can shine. It can release all of the heavens on top of your head; it can soak you to the skin. It can push you along with the wind, or take everything you know and thrust it up to the sky and let it all come crashing down. But this isn’t the worst. There are good times, bad times. There is plenty of each. Life can rain on your parade. It can strike you like lightning. But these aren’t the worst. The worst is when life just swallows you up like the ocean. You’re lost at sea, and can’t remember how to swim. You feel like you’re drowning, but you never do. And every piece of your life floats by, but you just can’t grab a hold. This is the worst. It is when you are helpless. There are many bad things in life. But bad things are nothing when you can do something about them. They are just more troubles. That’s life. When you are helpless; that’s hell. That’s when something horrible happens right before your eyes, and you would do anything to stop it, but it doesn’t matter what you would give. It doesn’t matter. You could sit there all day bartering with the Lord, the world, the universe; it wouldn’t make a difference. And that is the worst. Many are afraid of the unknown. They are afraid of the darkness, the unnatural. They fear things that cannot be afraid. But they shouldn’t. They should fear the day when they are helpless. The hardest part of it is not caring. This is harder than anything in the world. It is harder than resisting sin. It is harder than saying goodbye. Letting go is the hardest thing in the world. And yet, we have to do it; every day; all the time. We are human. We care for others. We care. That’s why we cannot let go. We have to care. But for some reason, we cannot care without letting go. Because there is a difference. To care is to love, and to take care is to watch out for someone. We can love, but we cannot always watch out for someone. That’s where it gets confusing. Sometimes we are helpless. And we have to let go. We have to. But we cannot. And that is the hardest thing in the world.

The author's comments:
This piece was, as the reader can probably tell, a reaction to something going on in my life. It was a spur of the moment piece, but I love it just the same.

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