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When I Hear Muse's Album "The Resistance"...

December 23, 2009
By toxic.monkey SILVER, Tashkent, Other
toxic.monkey SILVER, Tashkent, Other
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"Homo homini lupus"

Plugging in my earphones into the shiny mp3 player. Turning the world off with the press of a button- choosing Artists, then Muse, then The Resistance.

Uprising is beating my brain into submission. A flash of light, my room is nowhere to be seen- only a drab setting of a dim street, with grey pavement, people fighting and chucking stuff at each other. An endless red tape to keep the truth confined- they will not force us; they will stop degrading us. A man standing in a large closed room, a beam of light positioned on him. People are surrounding him, hearing his speech, fire in his eyes enlightening their minds. They will not control us, we will be victorious! An army of angry people armed with guns, baseball bats, “Molotov”, rocks, marching at the well-prepared forces of their corrupt government. Flashes of light, a red sky, silhouettes of men and women falling, being dragged away amidst the battle. A tank rolls into the scene, fade.

Resistance is making my mind turn the scene to night. Campfires and tents into my view. The stars are shining brightly, a tree sways in the distance- it’s a wheat field. A young woman bandaging a young man with a large cut on this arm. Scene moves to campfire, where a middle-aged woman holds on to young child. Scene moves to room with one light, where another young man is writing an incompehensive message on a paper with the government seal- it’s a code. He’s throwing it out of the window, where the previously mentioned young man catches it and walks quickly out of sight. Another scene of old man opening a hiding spot behind a bookshelf and hurrying young girl with small boy and old woman in. Closes shelf-door.

Undisclosed Desires takes me back to young woman bandaging young man. She finishes by tying a knot. She stands up, leading young man to campfires. They sit on a large rock, we can see them talking but don’t hear their conversation. Woman and man remembering peacetime, fall into melded memory of dancing, we see colorful lights, silhouettes of other people moving around them, but focus of attention are the couple.

United States of Eurasia returns me to the light of the campfires again. The sun is starting to rise. Resistance fighters are rising from their tents and sleeping bags, wordlessly and noiselessly gathering weapons, cleaning them, eating and filling water containers. Starting to gather and marching at the ready government military. Soundless yell from the resisting leader’s throat begins the fighting for this day. Clashing of fighting seen but unheard, the young woman slipping among the fighters. Slow motion as she witnesses a very young boy killed by a government soldier. Tears running down face. Seeing him fall, his face in a peaceful expression. Fade.

Guiding Light takes me to later that day, at the street where the battle happened. Young man walking amongst the corpses. Walking down street, into city, where some houses are burned and some blown apart or damaged. Sees door standing all alone, destroyed house in background. Comes up to door, sees heart carved into it. Opens door and sees lights streaming in through broken windows and glinting off shards of glass on floor. Shot moves to previously mentioned young man sitting cross-legged in front of a tombstone in an old, also destroyed cemetery. Young man staring at tombstone, clutching single daisy in hands, hunching over and we see tears sliding from his cheeks onto brown earth. He stands places flower on tombstone, stands up, and walks toward fading sun. Fade.

Unnatural Selection shifts mind’s eye to a queue of men and women dressed in nurse, doctor, and soldier uniforms, women holding small bunches of flowers, lined up to stand before priest holding a book, all happening inside Church. Two men holding hands are currently standing before priest. Scene moves into fighting on streets, where two women, one young and one middle-aged, stationed on top of a tall apartment building are throwing grenades and “Molotov”s at enemy lines. Seeing fighting from top slightly slower than in reality. Men and women falling from both sides. Complete stop at random times. Seeing man with bloody stain on uniform on ground, woman in uniform clutching him and screaming noiselessly. Another man trying to drag woman away but she keeps holding on to body of dead man. Shot moves back to the fighting.

MK Ultra leads into the bright white light of a hospital. It seems to be an abandoned building from outside, but is a make-shift center for helping injured resistors. Seeing cross section of a single floor, sliding from right to left, seeing rooms. In first room, nurse and man dressed in resistance soldier uniform hugging furiously, eyes closed. Next room, doctor putting stitches on man covered in grime. Next room, nurses having tea looking tired. Next room, a storage room, female doctor comforting male doctor, who is crying hysterically. Next room is the morgue, where bodies starting to be stacked on floor and two men staring at comrade’s cold face. Next room, nurse tending to teenager’s broken arm. Next room, a woman holding newborn tenderly, her husband in uniform standing next to her, grinning greatly. Shot of different building, where previously mentioned spokesperson standing with other men and women in dim small room, looming over maps and other papers, seeming having an argument. Slamming fist on table. Shot of fighting, growing more violent with the increase of the tempo of the music. Sudden black as track finishes.

I Belong To You plays my mind into imagining darkness and the resistors’ camp again. Young couple reunited at campfire, other soldiers sitting. One is holding a guitar, starts strumming a lively song. Young man invites young woman to dance, they slow-dance until song pauses for a second. Close up of stars shining in the eyes of both. Young woman opens mouth, utters something, young man smiles. Picks up young woman and spins in circle in slow motion. Scene returns to flashback of peacetime at a dance. Crowd moving slowly, spotlight on couple dancing together. Stop and fade.

Exogenesis: Symphony is a collection of random sephia and black-and-white flashbacks of peoples' lives- death, birth, love, family, friends, places, events, fights, peace.

The author's comments:
This "piece" is my imagination's work completely and this is what would be a first draft if I bothered to look over and polish it.

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