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Me, Myself, and the Sky

February 9, 2010
By Shannon BRONZE, Spindale, North Carolina
Shannon BRONZE, Spindale, North Carolina
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Spring has arrived. The sun has finally decided to end it's deep slumber and make an appearance to the world. Too bad it made its decision while I, and 150 other students are stuck in a dull gray box. See, right about now I'm in 4th core, listening to Mrs. Ostrander babble on about density and mass, but today I'm not in class. Well, by body is in my 4th period, but my mind? Oh's stuck in the blue sky seen through the window across the room. Don't you just love the crystal blue color that our sky is? Its like the color is so pure, so..innocent that no mixture of base colors can make it. It's in fact so perfect, that only God himself can create that exact color. I suddenly begin to daydream. I see myself laying on a beach towel on my trampoline with sunscreen and a picnic basket at my side. I'm wearing navy blue soffe shorts, a white Nike tank top and my black police sunglasses my uncle gave me last summer. And I'm just laying there, with my head turned upward towards the sky, and my arms folded gently under my head. Soaking up the sun and enjoying the warmth. If only that moment were real. Feeling the warm UV rays tanning my skin would give me all the worlds pleasure right at this very moment. Instead I'm stuck in a, (as i said before) closed in, stuffy, mold infested, dull, colorless box of a school building. The place where no one listens and everything is based on academics.
After I am done complaining to myself, I glance up at the clock, and right as I do RINNNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!! The school bell rings, and the day is over!

Finally! I can go home and make my day dream a reality.

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