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Crazy Chapter 2

February 27, 2010
By NerdGirlVictoria SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
NerdGirlVictoria SILVER, Mena, Arkansas
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Chapter 2
I woke to a beeping noise that was becoming quiet irritating. My eyes fluttered then I Finlay forced them open. "Hey baby girl how you feeling?" I looked up to see Jackson. He was sitting at my bed side watching me. "I better call Mom and Dad they went to eat we were really worried kid." I tryed to speak but he stopped me. "Shh I know your hurting just relax." "Wa..What happened?" I managed meekly. "You had a panic attack and screamed and then just collapsed. The Doctor said you'll be fine. Now just relax." I obediently closed my eyes wail he stroked my forehead and called my aunt and uncle. "Yeah shes up..okay yeah..." I tuned out after that..Who was that ..boy..he was so beautiful. His eyes were soft and gentle. He saved me. In my mind I saw him his face his eyes. I will have to write a poem about this when I get home. I thought with a smile.
"Mom and Dad will be here soon." My cousins voice brought me back to consciousness.I opened my eyes and said. "There was this boy...he saved me." Jackson looked at me funny. "You must be talking about the paramedics sweetie your tired go back to sleep." I closed my eyes and maneged a." Mhhm" before I drifted off in to a sleep with no dreams.
I heard my aunt and uncles voices from the hall. I could't place the third till I aroused more. The doctor. "She mental, when we brought her in she kept saying something about dark souls trying to kill her." The doctor. "She was probably just in shock." My aunt. "Believe what you will but the test don't lie. I think the mental hospital up north would help her greatly..." "Were not gonna put her in the crazy house. Shes not crazy shes just relay confused!" Jackson. "Now slow down son. Doc let us think about it and we will get back to you." My uncle. I closed my eyes as the door opened and pretended sleep. I would not go they'd have to kill me first. Or I'll do it my self. I have to stop seeing these people and just...act different. I will not go to that place.
"Honey wake up." My aunt said. I opened my eyes and saw the faces of my family. "We can take you home if you'd like sweetie get your stuff." I all but danced outta the bed. I wanted outta here away from the dying the needles and sickness. Once dressed I stepped out the door to find the horror of why I don't stay in hospitals. Midnight souls inches from me. Yet they did not touch me. My face turned in to a mask of pain." Honey you all right?" My aunt asked from beside me. I shook my head and mentally told my self to get it together. I nodded and pretended not to notice their misshapen bodies and grotesque faces. In the elevator I took a beep breath and waited. My eyes closed as the nurse led me out degradingly in a wheel chair. I opened my eyes in the lobby to see a boy looking right at me a white ring around him. His smile light up his whole face. "Who's that?" I asked nodding towards the boy. "Who?" My uncle asked. "Honey theres no one there." My Aunt said. They all looked at me. "Oh must be my contacts." I said trying to smile. They did't look convinced but got in the car. I layed my head on Jackson's shoulder. He did't seem to mind. "Valisa sit we need to talk." My uncle said. I sat. "I'm not going and you can't make me." I said before they could even get a word in. "So you heard. Vaslisa the people there can help you." My aunt stated. "Help me! I'm not crazy! I don't need anyone help! I'm not some mental case!" I was hysterical. "Vaslisa listen.." Her started. " No you listen...I watched my parents die right before my eyes. It took my mother instantly and my father it took him a pain driven 30 mints to die. How do I know...Because They did't know that I was really conscious every second of it! every DAMN SECOND! so don't you dare tell me I need to be out into a mental hospital because I don't! I said hysterically and ti slammed took off running up the steps. They just sat their stunned at my out burst. I slammed the door and locked it. Snatching my backpack out from under my bed and throwing things in it. I threw open the balcony doors the harsh wind ice on my skin. I grabbed the rope I kept under my bed and tied it to the post. I felt my feet hit the ground with a thud and, ran. Running was something I loved to do to clear my head. I ran to the one place the midnight souls couldn't get me....
I scaled the fence to the church and snuck over to the door. "Seance when did they need to put fences around a church?" I asked my self. I picked the lock and the door opened. I peered in and saw the dark church. Pushing the door opened and entering the cold damp area. Moon and starlight pored threw the windows and I used that to find a candle. I pulled the lighter outta my bag wishing I had brought the flashlight instead. I found a few more and lit them. I emptied the contence of my backpack on the
floor. I had a lighter, blanket, two bottles of water, three granola bars, A apple, thirty bucks,my writing pad and pen, a knife and, a small pillow. I thanked my aunt mentally for convincing me to buy the big backpack. It was only nine according to my cell phone do I unpacked my things for the night. I was confident no one would come in my room. I decided to go get some dinner at the dinner close by. I threw on my hoodie and walked bravely into the cold. I cautiously looked over the fence and scaled over it. Ten mints ...just survive ten. One. I'm safe. Two. The wind ruffles my hair I speed up my pace. Three. I turn the coroner the dinner in my view. Fore. I reach the stoplight and see them across the street. I keep walking. Five. They follow. Six. They get closer. I let my hair fall my mind screaming RUN! Seven. To close for comfort...I run. Feet slapping the pavement.Sickening bodies every step. Big group big big. Ten minuets ten. Eight...nine. Ten. Door swings shut behind me I'm outta breath but safe. For now. "Take a Seat sweetie I'll be with you in a minuet. I large red headed women says. As she passes by carrying a pot of coffee. I jump at the sound of her voice. Quickly regaining my composer I take a seat in the booth near the back. I look out the window to an empty street. Lights of businesses turning off. No one to hear my screams. I sigh and think just ten minuets back. "What will ya have hon?" I looked up to see the woman a pad and pen in her hand. "Uh..One coffee nine cream and sugars and a." I scanned the menu and settled on a Burger. My cell buzzed in my pocket and I answered on the first ring. "Vaslisa! where are you." The phone buzzed with Kattie, my best friends, voice in my ear. "I been calling you for fore days your rents said you were in the hospital. I been worried sick." She paused. "I am at the old Church..My aunt and uncle think I am mental and wanna send me to the crazy house we fought so I ran. " My voice cracked. "You want me to come to the church and spend the night with you?" she asked gently. "Nah I'll be fine just need some time alone that's all..." I let my sentence drift off and looked out the window to see him. The boy from the hospital. He was just staring at me hands in his pockets leaning against the light pole. He looked worn out as he crossed the street to the dinner. The woman came back and set my coffee and food down and said "Need anything just holler honey." I nodded and clipped the phone shut on Kattie's voice and watched him cross the street up to my window. My heart thudded in my chest and he looked at me and smiled. Showing rows of perfect teeth. He smiled at me and put his hand to the window. I felt this need to touch him..but when I put my hand to the window...he was gone. Confused I shook my head and looked at the buzzing evil on the table telling me that it had been an hour. It was ten-o-five and the dinner was still full of people. Mostly teenagers that go to my school. I left the money on the table and walked out. Ten minuets I told my self but I felt it there presence getting close so I ran. Around the coroner to the woods. Down the dirt road. My throat closed up. I felt something grab my foot and I screamed looking down to see a hand. Rapped around my ankle. It pulled me in to the road. Dust caught in my lungs and nostrils I couldn't breath. I saw Man women children.. All wanting to kill me. Hands reaching towards me. Some with eyes some with no eyes. Just black bottomless pits. I screamed over and over. I'm sorry Jackson, Aunt Susan Uncle Ben. I'm sorry mom, dad, and Kattie. I whispered to my self. Tears cascaded down my cheeks and I coughed. Choking on dust. My eyes closed defeated. This is my end so let it be so. In my mind I saw my body being torn apart and my blood and guts spilling. I waited..Nothing..Screams..not mine. No pain. I opened one eye then both to see a dark sky with a big full moon and stars. I looked around trees, quiet, the church. My limbs still well attached. The only thing was a scars on my ankle and arm where I fell. I stood dusting my self off. "What happened?" I asked my self. I sprinted those last five yards to the church and practically threw my self over the wall. Hitting the church door with a thud that ricocheted off the room. My back agents the door sliding slowly to the floor. My lungs and body ached. I limped over to the pew and took out my pillow and blanket and made a makeshift bed. Blowing out all the candles but one I set it at my side and pulled out one watter and my knife. I cut some cloth from some currents and took the water and ran the hole bottle cleaning my cuts. I tied the torn cretin around my cuts and layed back. I reached down grabbing my pen and pencil and wrote.

I feel like Alice,
Tumbling into a new world.
Threw the looking glass he waits.
In my perfect world.
The world keeps spinning and,
my heart keeps pounding.
I step threw the looking glass,
But my names not Alice.
I wake up in reality.

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Beautiful, beautiful work. The poem at the end completely sold it!