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power of the past ch1

April 20, 2010
By another_teenage_itiot PLATINUM, Huston, Arkansas
another_teenage_itiot PLATINUM, Huston, Arkansas
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Why are we so angry
why are we so sad
we dont need to stare back
at everything we had

My legs were burning as the ground beneath me flew by in a rush of greens and grey’s. The asphalt grew darker as the sun set over the hills ahead of me. The headlights of his car shone behind me, spelling a fate that I didn’t want but was inevitable. Why did they betray me? They raised me!
The beginning was actually three days ago. My alarm went off on my dresser across the room from my bed. I sat up slowly, shaking the cobwebs out of my head. Last night was long and tiring. I worked all night because of a couple of ds on my report card. I rose to my feet and turned the switch on the top to ‘off’. It was still dark out because it was only five in the morning but I always got up at this time. I walked over to the door and flipped the light switch on.
My floor was covered in clothing. Most of it was dirty but some of it was clean. I could tell which was which. My walls had several posters on them, mainly of motorcycles. My desk was covered in junk and paper. My dresser had an alarm on top and a CD player underneath. My room smelt in its usual way that made my family hate it which kept them out so I liked the smell.
I walked across the room to my dresser and picked up a black shirt that had a cross on it. Other than that it had no symbols that suggested any religion. My jeans were below my shirts. The dark denim was on top of the rest because its what I wore the most. I slipped them on over my boxers and walked outside of my room. The hallway was short but dark yet I could still see down it from the light in my room.
I slowly trudged to the bathroom and flipped on the light. My grey hair was sticking out here and there. My bright blue eyes shown with there own light. I pulled up my shirt and looked at my oldest scar, right above my heart. My birth mom made it when I was one year old. It still bled every so often when I was upset or angry. I loved to say it was just my broken heart. I turned and pulled a comb off of the counter and brushed my hair down. The white streaks ran over my face like a mask, hiding the tears in my eyes from the world around me. I could still see though. The bus was coming soon and I needed to go.
Cool air rushed past me from an open window. Everything was still grey outside but I still looked outside with a combination of sadness and anger. Why would she do this? The bus stopped in front of an older house with a cattle guard in front of the driveway. The paint was peeling away from the walls outside and the person who came out the door was about as sad looking as her dwelling. Brown hair seemed to try and hide her eyes from me but I saw through. Blue, that was the color, blue. Black clothing crossed her small frame and a backpack looked to large on her though she carried it anyway. Her hands were clutching an old notebook like it was a lifeline. The kids kept the noise up as she walked on. The only empty seat was mine, so I let her sit with me. We the ride was silent except for the babbling little kids that were in the front.
I got off to the sound of a girls voice. I looked behind me and the girl I sat with looked at me intently. “What?”

“What’s you’re name?”
“I’m Kristy.”
“Ok.” I started to go on. I needed to be alone. Kristy could wait until I felt better before she started talking with me. She ran up beside me and kept pace with me. Her eyes watched me now with curiosity more than anger. She wore a dress that came down to her knees that flapped around with her steps. She was more talkative than I expected. Strange.
First hour was normal. Math suckswhen its your first class of the day. Second hour was history. I already understand a lot about world history so this class is a breeze. Third hour was chemistry. I did alright in there. Fourth hour was Computers.
I sat down in my usual spot and started my computer up. That’s when kristy came in. Of course, she sat right next to me. She started her computer up and turned to me.
“So, what do we do in here?”
“We mostly type.”
“Oh,” She turned and sighned in than turned back to me and asked, “Hows your day been so far?”
“So…. whats normal?”
“Quiet, left alone. The way I like it.”
“oh” she turned and started to do the assighnment. I did mine quikly and started to play my games. Thing Thing arena 4 kept me occupied for the rest of the hour. I was just reaching 300 kills when the bell rang for lunch.
It was bright outside the building. The sky had cleared and white fluffy clouds floated through the sky. The slight breeze cooled my neck. My hair blew in the breeze and revealed one of my eyes. My shoulders remained tense. I hated this weather.
We had pizza in the lunch room; pepperoni. Waiting in line was so noisy ‘cause of the other kids babbling about there lives like they really cared. My friends talked right along with each other. I remained silent. After lunch came my last few classes. Nothing really happened in them.
Getting on the bus was both a relief and a discomfort. I liked leaving the school but I hated riding the bus and going home. Sitting in the very back seat, I pulled out an old journal. The journal was my mom’s. It had details about her everyday life while she was pregnant with me. It made me feel like she was there when I read it. Like she understands and that she wants to be there for me. My mom died when I was three. Today’s entry was from April 18th, 1994. That’s the day I was born.

April 18th, 1994
Dear diary:
Today was the happiest day of my life. My son was born today. It felt like I was s***ting a knife but the pain was worth it just to see his face for the first time. I still haven’t decided o a name but I’m leaning toward Chris or Charles. The hospital bed is very uncomfortable but I can live with it. I just wish that Charles (my dad) were still here to help me take care of him. My sisters said that they wanted to dedicate him to the gods but I don’t know whether I want to or not. I hope things can work out.

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