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May 2, 2010
By zoomtothemoon BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
zoomtothemoon BRONZE, Columbia, Maryland
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"They say the finger prints never fade from the lives we touch"

"I am involved in a freedom ride protesting the loss of the minority rights belonging to the few remaining earthbound stars. All we demanded was our right to twinkle. " -Marilyn M.

Tick, tick, tick, tock.

I tried not to lose my breath, I tried not to lose my grip, but I had never been scared like this before. Nothing in life had prepared me for this and the more I thought about it the less it seemed exaggerated. I don't know exactly how long she and I sat there. It could've been months for all I knew, the day seemed so surreal and time never seemed like such an abstract thought. We had nowhere to go and at the time we didn't even have the bravery nor the want to go outside of our home.

I laid there in the upper extremes of being sedentary, I felt so lifeless, so void of being deemed a human. It felt like I wasn't even constructed of flesh anymore. Metal stretched around my skin and wiring twisted into my capillaries, I was just a scrap of robot now. My censors gazed towards him and for a while I wondered how he was. We didn't talk since the incident, we didn't talk about the incident, we didn't make a noise. I couldn't help but wonder how long this would last, how long this would hang over our heads.

I stared at him, he was a human train wreck, a mess of flesh. We were both torn but he had taken this so hard….His eyes were focused on something that I couldn't see, something that no one could see but him. He was still in the same clothes that he wore when we found out, so was I, hygiene hadn't really come to us in such a state. Between us background from the television redundantly played over and over again and the phone kept on wailing that people had tried calling. Those weren't important right now….All that was important was him, me, and our incident. I wanted to speak, I want to speak so badly, but talking seemed so out of place, so unnatural in this situation. He doctor's had therapies and counseling lined up for a good eleven months but we weren't ready for that. We were still so shell shocked, so stunned at how fragile life really is.

Tick tick tick, tock.

There went the clock again asserting its presence into our lives. Could we really measure our lives into time? It made it all seem so concrete and cruel to those short, unbelievably miniscule lives. Life was unsure, I had grown to accept that as a fact. We were hit with the worst of course, him and I. I had to speak, I just had to, the silence was so suffocating, I was sick of it. Sick of it all, sick of everything that we had been through, so sick of this, so sick of life in itself.

"Jared," I began, and before I knew it my voice cracked and with it I fell. He looked at me with those hopeless eyes and I collapsed into him and he embraced me. I began to wonder when this type of life would come to an end.

Tick, tick, tick, tock.

</I>Days passed, I don't know how many. What I did know was that with each morning the pain decreased a little, and there was a little more comfort in knowing that there was a tomorrow for us. I walked into the living room, the tomb in which he and I had decayed in for so long, I looked at him, and he motioned me to sit down. I sat next to him and lovingly stroked my ever flat stomach, I never would have guessed that stories could be written in six words but I could describe his and my journey in that many. He typed the advertisement and it was never so hard to hold back my tears.

Baby shoes for sale, never worn.

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