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Wonderlands worst nightmare Chapter 2

May 9, 2010
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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"Hmmm, so I’ll need note books for English, Math, French, and Spanish. Then a binder for all my internet classes" she said to herself opening the door of her room, and then she stopped seeing a girl unpacking her stuff. "Hi I guess your my roommate I’m Samantha but you can call me Sam" she said smiling "Alice nice ta' meet cha'" Alice said. "Where are you going in a rush?" she asked "I'm going to go ahead and get my supplies, would you like to come?" Sam asked "if it involves a mall I’m in" Alice said grabbing Sam's hand and dragging her to the parking lot "we can take my car" Alice said stopping by a small yellow beetle. "Ok" Sam said hopping in.

"so where to first?" Sam asked on their way to the mall "lets get the supplies first that way we can blow the rest of the day with out worrying" Alice replied "OK! MALL HERE WE COME!" they both said then laughed at their similar thoughts. "Ok were on a mission, target school supplies time 2 hours" Sam said "destination check isle 5" Alice continued. "Why lane five?" Sam asked. "Cause the cashier is cute" Alice shrugged. "Ok fine let’s go" Sam said running into the isles of the school supplies store with her cart.

"Ok Alice I have binders and note books folders a new flash drive and tons of different colored printer paper did you get the ink cartages and pens?" Sam asked. "Yeah all we need to look for at the mall is a cute book bag or a big purse" Alice said. "Ok destination here we come" they said jogging to check out lane five.
"Ok mall here we come" Sam said after they loaded their stuff back into the car.

"Ohhh that’s super cute, Try It On!" Alice said pushing Sam to the dressing room. "But I-I don't wear dressed I was showing it to you" Sam protested "Please, that dress is way too cute for you to pass up just try it on" Alice said. "Ok" Sam said stepping into the dressing room "so...do you like it?" Alice asked a few minutes later. "I feel so uncomfortable in this!" she says walking out of the dressing room "OH MY GOD Sam do you know how good you look in that?" Alice screamed "no I do know it's very uncomfortable" Sam replied "uncomfortable my a** your buying that we’re having a welcome back dance and your defiantly wearing that!" Alice demanded.

"There’s a dance?" Sam said surprised "yes in two days and your going to go, and were going to dance the night away!" Alice said in a sing song voice. "Ok I'll get it but no heels!" Sam said strictly. "WHAAA? you have to wear heels anything else would look terrible in that dress" Alice said. "we need to get you some style!" Alice said dragging Sam off to another store once they had paid. "It's MAKEOVER time!" Alice yelled. "Ogh-oh" Sam said. 'I hope no make up isn't involved' Sam thought


"ugh I’m so tired, your makeover took a lot out of me" Alice said plopping on her bed after the exhausting day "so are you saying I was that bad looking?" Sam asked. "No trying to cover up that cute little girl vibe you give off is hard considering your so short! Plus fighting over makeup and stuff really tires me out who knew someone as small and timid looking as you could be so stubborn" she said flipping over on her stomach” who are you calling short your only two inches taller than me" Sam shouted at her new roomie.

"Yes but those two inches makes a difference size does matter in some situations height wise your highly inadequate but then again you have other things to your advantage" Alice said thinking. "What do you mean?" Sam asked. "Ohh come on don't pull the innocent 'I don’t know I’m cute' act" Alice said sarcastically. "No seriously I don't know what you mean!" Sam said and Alice could tell by the sound of her voice and the set of her face that she was. "You are young and naive, well even though you don’t realize it your super cute. Being short actually helps in that matter because people think of you as a little kid and most people think kids are cute, and your timid nature adds to that cuteness factor but you have one thing going for you that no one would ever see on a young kid and it gives you just the slight hint of maturity to distinguish your actually not a kid after all" Alice said quickly.

"What is that" Sam asked curious. "the problem is what I remember you calling it when we were shopping for tops earlier it was so funny seeing you frustrated because none of them would fit" Alice said laughing "ALICE that’s not funny I blame genetics. Genetics is why I’m short and why I can never find a shirt that fits right" Sam said plopping on her bed pouting. "Trust me it's a good thing it adds to your cuteness factor, just use the makeover stuff we got today and you'll have guys falling for you in no time!" Alice said with a smile. "But why can't I just be myself" Sam asked. "I'm not saying it's bad to be yourself but it won’t hurt you to wear skirts and heals sometimes. You just need to be a little feminine every once in a while." Alice explained. "Ok I’ll try but I don't want guys falling over me I fall enough on my own don't need then falling on me either, so it's not going to be an everyday thing!" Sam said. "Yes! Progress" Alice squealed.

"I’m going to go take a shower, and then I’m going to go for a walk. Ok?" Sam asked. "Sure I’m going to go to the cafeteria, I'm getting hungry. Just call if you need something." Alice said running out the door. "This year will defiantly be interesting!" Sam said stepping into the shower. She got out and put on some of the less girly clothes she had gotten today and walked downstairs towards the garden on the other side of school. She quickly found a spot beside some cherry blossom trees and sat down and opened the book she brought with her. "Nice and quiet." she said opening her book
'Today sure was weird...oh well new school, new day. I'm defiantly not going to be late tomorrow!' she thought as she fell asleep under the tree.

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