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Wonderlands worst nightmare Chapter 3

May 9, 2010
By Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
Brittaner DIAMOND, Edenton, North Carolina
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Nate was walking through the garden after he had gotten chased around all day by Kate. He knew she would never come into the garden luckily she had a slight pollen problem. He was walking by some cherry blossom trees and he noticed something at the base of the tree. Nate walked closer and saw it was Sam asleep with a book in her lap. 'How long has she been here?" he thought. "hmmmm" she mumbled in her sleep. "Sam...Ugh Sam, you kind of need to wake up now" Nate said. "Ummmm...Aleeeex five more minutes please" Sam said. "Who’s Alex?" Nate asked. "WHAT! Who... Nate what are you doing here?" Sam yelled "I was trying to wake you up, you are currently lying under a tree half asleep" Nate explained. "Ohhh...but what was I doing he- oh yeah I was reading and I kind of fell asleep" Sam said scratching the back of her head. "Yeah and it's 'kind of' dark" Nate said. "Oh yeah it is" Sam responded. "Yeah you might want to get inside" Nate said. "But I don't want to" Sam whined playfully. "Fine than freeze and be found by some perverted freak" Nate said getting up. "Too late already happened" Sam said Nate just looked at her confused. "I’m about to turn into a human Popsicle and you found me and considering your a boy your probably perverted" Sam said looking up at him. "Did you just call me perverted?" Nate said slightly abdicated "yes considering you keep looking at my shirt and then looking back up at my face really quick" Sam said crossing her arms over her chest and pouting. "Well excuse me for being a boy and noticing you are a girl" Nate said crossing his arms as well. "Yeah right all you noticed was she had big boobs" Alice said walking up. "Alice how did you find me?" Sam asked. "you seen like the scatterbrained type to go to the garden to read and considering how tired I was from your makeover I knew you had to be too, even with all the Swedish fish you ate" Alice responded. "Oh didn't know I was that easy to read" Sam pouted. "Your not I just guessed" Alice said looking at Nate. "Ok you can stop oogling my friend’s boobs or ask her out either way were both leaving soon" Alice said turning around. "ALICE!" Sam said jumping up. "What are you 'ALICE!!?’-ing me about you'd have to be dense if you couldn't tell he was oogling you" Alice shot back. "but you don't have to be so forward about it!" Sam yelled. "weeelll excuse me but you need to use your assets to your advantage and your just too... well your just too darn cute and innocent come on I know you have it in you!!" Alice said shaking Sam. "Alice please stop your hurting my shoulders" Sam said wincing. "ok well lets go" Alice said dragging Sam off by the arm "but what about -" "he already left but I’ve got a surprise for him tomorrow your going to make him regret not asking you out 'cause were going to use your cuteness to our advantage" Alice said as they finally got back into their dorm room. "What-what are you planning?" Sam stuttered. "It’s a surprise for him and you’re going to hate it but it's going to have the boys falling all over you" Alice said. "Oh Crap" Sam whispered.

The author's comments:
I got the random idea for this story and i've gotten back into the swing of writing. I'm also posting this story on another site that i'll update more regularly.

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