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Come Join the Force

June 24, 2010
By CrazyWriter GOLD, Lorton Station, Virginia
CrazyWriter GOLD, Lorton Station, Virginia
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“Josh, so nice you came, I confess I had my doubts” A man in a deep dark long rain coat said with his gruffly voice. He was tall maybe he was a basket ball player before he joined the force. He had short stubble beard that much I could tell with the shadows surrounding him in the dimly lit room. “Well, I don’t come for free you know, so why am I here? And how do you know who I am?” I say the man chuckled and shoved a folder on the small wooden table. “This should answer all your questions and as for your pay... we’ll see”
“Hey wait just a second-”I say but he disappeared. I picked up the yellow bent up folder and put it in my jacket. I opened the creaky old door to the building and ran down the street. I stopped at the Lake Café and sat down on the bench. I open the yellow folder it had several papers in it the first one said:
Name: Bethany E. Adams

Country: United State

State: Virginia

City: Litteburg

Eye color: Green

Height: 5”3

Hair color: Dirty blond

Skin color: White
Age: 13
School: St.Clare’s school for the gifted...
Bethany Adams is unpredictable. Be Cautious. This is result of code 3349 (see hand book). Bethany is usually never alone. Keep wary eye for signs of activity of any kind. The school is a private school .It’s level of security: 8(see handbook).Follow procedure 4378 for help
Your mission: Confirm Bethany’s Ability. Then if positive make for HQ. If Negative follows procedure: 24

“What?” I breathed and shook my head. Not another recovering mission, I thought. And turned to the next page well actually the next page was a book labeled The Handbook. A sticky note was attached to the contacts page it said the book will help ~Sarge
I shook my had more, why, I thought, I can take care of myself
“I left for a reason Sarge” I breathed. I turned to another page. It was a letter. I read it:
Dearest brother,

How have you been? Where have you been? Why did you leave Brother? I still don’t understand. However I still know that you will come and visit means a few friends from the force and explain why. I gave this letter to Sarge’s messenger in case they found you. Please brother at least tells where you are and what you’re doing. Everyone in the old squad misses you and says hello. Mom and Pap is wondering where you are but they had to leave for a mission in Ecuador. Again brother if you cannot visit send me a letter or even call me! I must go.

Missing’ you,

Sandra, your sister,
“Can I help you?” a fizzy haired waitress asked.
“No Ma’am” I say looking up.
“So, you ain’t planning on buying anything? Not any time soon?” she asked in her squeaky voice.
“No Ma’am” I repeat
“No,” she repeats, “Then get out of here I’ve got more costumers to serve.”
I just stared at her. “Well,” she said “Get going!” she repeated and made shooing gestures glared at her as the anger boiled up inside me and put everything back in the folder and stomped out. How dare she? Doesn’t she know who I am? What I am? I thought.
“Eh, ha-ha” a street pocket watch seller laughed in the shadows, “you got anger kid, lots of it” I turn angrily to face him. It was the guy who gave me the folder disguised as a pocket seller. I could see his face now. As much as I guessed, tall about 6”3, stubble beard, and green eyes, no purple eyes, no red eyes? Mood changer, I thought, great.
“Who are you?” I ask the man
“Who am I? Well I’m not exactly sure, I mean ever since Sarge found me in just a Recovering mission. My life is pretty much upside down.” He breathed, “Now of course I know who I am, I am a messenger. Now the question is for you now, who are you?”
“Wait a second that doesn’t answer my question. Who are you? What’s your name and part of the . . . organization . . . do you belong to?” I repeat. His eyes flashed red and then changed back to a sky blue.
“Kid I already told you, I’m a messenger. And as a messenger I have no time for such child’s play. Sarge gave me another messenger for you so here you go kid.” He handed me another bent up yellow folder. “One more thing kid, if yak ever need a messenger just call out Hey bill! And another thing, watch yourself, kid, you’re on thin ice.”
“Hey wait a second! I-” I yelled but he disappeared again into the shadows. I grunted and dashed down the street to my hideout. It was in the middle of the park, which was in the middle of town. I climbed up the tree and hopped onto the branch. I went on to the last pages of the first yellow bent up folder. It was titled Arrangements for 10 month stay in Littleburg.
Ten months?
House: 1465 Landing Street, 3345 VA, Littleburg.
Guardians: Mr. and Mrs. Parker
Siblings: 1 “sister” and 2 “brothers”
Story: You are an exchange student from England. You have one sister at home at finishing school and parents that own a winery. You must have a believable accent or you “developed” an American. You enjoy your stay here in America and look forward to future “visits”.
Note: Don’t try anything too risky. Don’t Blow Your Cover!
Jeeze like I didn’t think of that, I thought, I mean I’ll just scream to the world that I’m a weirdo stalker guy! By the way I know a lot of interesting secrets, like about the missing files. I shook my head. I stuffed everything in the yellow folder and picked up the other one. It had only two papers in it. Only two. One blue, one pink. Oh no, I thought already knowing what those papers said. Like it was a repellent I picked up the blue paper on the edge with minimal contact as possible. It read:
Hello Reader,

This letter is to inform you that you have special abilities. What type of special abilities you ask? Well we’re not sure you’ll have to visit us to find out. What are we? We are the Force. We are an organization of people just like you. We train and serve our country and find new recruit with our own special abilities. Please come and visit us soon. For more information call the following number.

~The Force
“People just like me” I muttered, “or not” I turned to the pink page. I
t read what I thought it would be:
Hey Josh,

Where you’ve been man? Well why you don’t pay a visit back here at the Force and to your old mates. Same place. All the time. Come back home soon
~The Force
“Hey kid,” the messenger guy, bill I guess, yelled up the tree, “Get down here! I’ve got another messenger for you.”
“Coming!” I yell down as I climb down the tree.
“Here you go kid.” Bill said handing me another bent up yellow folder. I was really beginning to hate these things.
“HA-ha, your right kid but there’s plenty more where that came from.” Bill said. I just groan. Then I look up at Bill.
“Uh. . . Thanks? Goodbye” I say and then make a hasty retreat for my tree place. I sit back down and stared at the folder.
“Now or never” I breathe then I open the bent up yellow folder. There isn’t much in there just one thing a single yellow sticky note. I quickly look around me to see if anybody is there. I read the small sticky note in the yellow bent up folder. It said “ My favorite time is all of winter ,I fly I soar for I am free , cold, water, and air aid me and flight is my specialty, who on earth or not am I ?”
“Thank you magic fortune cookie note.” I breathed Well, I thought, little burg here I come.

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