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A Tiny Bit of Hope and Love

June 28, 2010
By TristeLuvz2Write SILVER, Groton, New York
TristeLuvz2Write SILVER, Groton, New York
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Life's Not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain.
"Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!" --Quil Ateara, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In most fairytales, there’s no jock to keep you apart, or cliques that just won’t allow it. Well, in this case, there is. My name is Luna and this is my fairytale (or not).

Blaire and I are walking thru the halls. It’s deserted, because we’re ten minuets late, earlier than normal. We walk to our lockers and get our stuff. Blaire’s off to Spanish, while I’m stuck in Science. I walk thru the silent halls. The only noise is my combat boots thudding on the floor.

I finally get to science. All the blonde bobble-head Paris Hilton look-alikes starred at me. They all copied the meanest, dumbest blonde of them all, Ashley. Well, I guess in their eyes, she’s a goddess. I go the evil eye from her as I walked in. That’s what you get for being a Goth.

I sit down and pop my gum. Ever my best friend sits beside me. She’s blonde, blue eyed and skinny, but she wears leather mini-skirts, cut-up tops and dark make-up, like me. Blaire has dyed red, cropped hair and brown eyes. Today she’s in dark wash cut-up jeans and a black top, cut down the sides then pinned back together. The most girlish of us all is Raven. She has curly, dark brown hair and the most striking green eyes. Today she’s in a black peasant skirt, a black tee shirt with metallic red roses, and black flats.

Ever, who’s calling my name, knocks me back into reality. “Luna,” she whispers. “What,” I say back. She hands me a flier for the prom. “Night in the Twilight” it reads. “When: June 7th, 8 pm. Where: behind the school. Be ready to have you craziest dreams come true!” Psh, ya right, I think. “What about it,” I mumble. “We should go to prove the bobble-heads wrong,” Ever says back. Then the bell rings. English, my favorite period. We started poetry last week. I spent the whole class writing a poem called “Secret Love”. The rest of the day went by in a blur. I can’t believe Blaire and Raven agreed with Ever, but it’s tomorrow. Ugh. I sigh and start walking out of the school.

Ahead of me, I see him. Sterling Chamerlaine, the handsome brunette of my dreams since I was seven. His hair flipped to the side with those amazing blue eyes. The only disappointment is that Ashley’s his girlfriend. I sigh deeper and keep walking to my midnight black hummer. I hop in and drive home. “I’m home,” I scream. I throw my bag on the floor and race up to my room. I flop on my bed and cry. MY make-up drips off my face. When I’m done crying, I fall asleep. Beep, Beep, Beep! My alarm clock buzzes at six am. I get up slowly and take a shower. I brush out my pin-straight blonde hair. MY parents won’t let my dye it. I put on my make-up, get dressed and get in my hummer to pick up my friends.

I couldn’t concentrate today at all, just drifting in and out of sleep. At the end of the day, I met Ever, Blaire, and Raven by my car. I slip in the driver’s seat while Raven calls shotgun. By the time the short drive to my house is over, we’re in hysterical giggles. We get in side my house when they surprise me. A strap-less silk black gown with red beading of a rose at the bottom. The netting over the dress is all ripped. “Oh my god,” I scream.

Then they take out their dresses. Ever’s is a short red dress that has one strap. Black lace was added around the bottom half of the dress. The top was all black sequins. Blaire’s is a skin-tight black dress with a slit up with side and no straps. It’s outlined in silver and the top has silver sequins. Raven’s is a blood red ball gown with black splatter painted all over the bottom. A black skull belt was added too. “Oh my god,” I say again, smiling.

“Nail time,” Ever says in a preppy voice. We burst into giggles as we paint our nails black. We leave our make-up, but do our hair. Blaire throws her hair up into a messy bun. We straighten Raven’s hair. Ever puts her bangs back for a princess look. They curl my hair. “We’re gonna look amazing,” Raven shrieks. “Mhmm,” Blaire adds as she slips into her dress. She puts on her silver heels. Ever agrees, pulls on here dress, and fastens her black kitten heels. Raven is next to put on her dress. She chose black flats with her dress. Finally, I get in my dress. I chose flats too, since I’m tall. I look in the mirror and we all exclaim. “Oh,” mumbles Blaire. “My,” Ever says. “God,” Raven screams. “We all look amazing,” I say. Then we hop into my hummer.

We finally get to prom and it’s already half over. We all dance so hard. I look at Sterling every few minuets. He looks so cute; a black tux and a green shirt. I sigh and come back to reality. It’s the last song of prom, a slow song. I stand by the door watch everyone with my girls. I see sterling some towards us. “Would you like to dance,” he asks me. “Of course,” I reply. “What about Ashley,” I ask as we’re dancing. “It’s over,” he says. The song ends and the rest is history. Just a tiny bit of hope and love can do magical things.

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