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Theres love And then theres other things 2

August 27, 2010
By Laqaunza GOLD, Sicklerville, New Jersey
Laqaunza GOLD, Sicklerville, New Jersey
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Anyway he let the strap go, then picked up the cardboard cutout of ‘Sorry’ ,the game, and threw it at me. Yes that’s what we were playing. I dodged, well not really cause’ I just blocked it using my arms. Making some sort of “X” sign with them. Anyway, starting with Max…
‘You’re a pure *****, you know that!’ He put his middle finger up., and stuck out his tongue.
‘Hey now, don’t take it out on the game, baby.’
‘Really now, maybe I should take it out on your face, Damn brat.’
“Oh so, cold’ I chuckled ‘I should get a JACKET!’ I burst out laughing again. Heh and here comes the last words I’ll ever hear…Except the ones that are in my head….No I am not, crazy.Pshh! You know what FORGET IT!! …what Max said, I mean, pssh!
‘You won’t live, to get one’
Yeah, it seems that Max had reached his limit, of letting me make fun of him. Cause suddenly, He started chasing me around the room, the living room, threatening me. Unfortunately for me, I’m not one that likes to run.
‘Oww’ I screamed. I was pinned down. Both arms pinned to the ragged carpet by Max’s big hands. Pretty huge for 16. Can’t get away, because I’m a weakling. Yea I admit that.
Another unfortunate thing is that Max has joined a lot of clubs. Including clubs like swimming, wrestling, and Bow n’ arrow. Which all involve very cute outfits for all the clubs, that I take pictures of Max in them. Then sell them to girls, and boys. Heh, Max never caught me once, and I was on flash. (Sometimes he practices at night, for swimming, He’s naked) But the main thing is that he’s… ATHLETIC. You know, strong, broad shoulders, muscle veins, can break a wrist, kind of guy.
‘Honey, you think you can get away from me, don’t even joke!’ He smirked. Bent down towards my ear and said , “You know how I like to hear you…Beg. Oh and this is also for the times you took pictures of me wearing my so called by you “Cute Outfits.” I thought ****.Then licked he his lips. And understandingly I thought! PERVERT. Big Lolicon! PERVERT! I took a deep breath than remembered something. And…
I was silent. I had been caught by my own bully… To think it happened but in the past it was what u called “mentally caught” kinda like hypnosis.

The author's comments:
this short para is really random, so I dont mind if you don't understand it. heh. :D

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