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Sybastian's Slave Toy: Cynthia, Ronny, and The Forgotten Party

September 3, 2010
By Laqaunza GOLD, Sicklerville, New Jersey
Laqaunza GOLD, Sicklerville, New Jersey
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It’s Monday and I’m ready for school, feeling fresh and confident, but I know someone will ruin that. And that someone to be exact is, Sybastian. The DEMON of my life.

So I walk out the front door turn around to lock it, turn back around and see HIM! Yes, HIM! The one I was talking about before. THE DEMON! He was locking his door, too. Hpmh, I bet he stalks me, recording my time I get out the door in the mornings, and tries to get out the same time as me. Makes me sick. Or he could be just accidentally coming out the door the same time as me. NO, NO! He’s stalking me. Ah, he dropped his keys, now’s my time to run! I dash, running through yards. I see a fence, but my feet keep running. Oh, no!

BAM! I run into the fence. It’s dark, I can’t see. Someone’s pulling me? Ah, a pervert! Carrying a poor, defenseless girl to her doom. Should probably get my taser out. (Mother brought it for me). I reached in my pocket. What? It’s not there, but I always have it with me.
I decided to open my eyes. I looked up and saw my taser in the pervert’s pocket. D*mn. I reach for it and, drop. The pervert dropped me on the ground. “Idiot, you didn’t think I’d forget about your lethal weapon did you.” I recognized that voice, it was Cynthia! My best friend in the whole wide world. My other dark half. What I mean by ‘Dark Half’ is that she’s Goth. You know the people that wear black, black, and black. Every day. Cynthia and I were friends since like, I don’t know, 2nd grade. She’s really awesome! She plays sports, She’s the president of my homeroom, and~! She’s good at defending me, when that demon (Sybastian), bullies me. She’s so nice.
“Get up, sloth.” She says. I get up dusting off the dirt on my clothes. Then hug her for saving me, “Thanks bestie!” I say.
“Off.” She grunts. I stop hugging her, and just remember that why Cynthia was dragging me in the first place. I ran into a fence, running. Huh. Why’d I run?

“Hey Cynthia, I ran into a fence but I don’t know why I was running, did we miss the bus?”
Yes, I did say “we”, Because Cynthia lives right around the corner from me.

“Nah, but while I was dragging you, you kept murmuring, “Sybastian, Sybastian.”, for some weird reason. Didn’t you give up on him?”

YEA! I totally hate that pervert,” I look around. “You know I think he’s stalking me~~!” I screamed as someone fondled my butt. I turn around and see a devil! It was Ronny Mclugan, dressed as a devil. He was smiling, that smile that gets all the girls, well except for me, Cynthia, and Sybastian. Lol, Sybastian is always a weak little girl in my mind.

“What are you doing?” I say as I glare and hit him on the side of his arm.

“Ouch. Well obviously I’m walking with you guys to the bus stop.” He says as he smiles.

“No you’re not!” Cynthia and I say at the same time. Me and Cynthia turn back around, and walk to our bus stop. Unfortunately, Ronny walked past us, turned around, blocking our path. Pssh~, we walk around him. As stupid as he is.

“Hey wait! Don’t you at least want to know why I’m wearing this costume? Especially you, Annamelia”

“Not really, and don’t call me that! Its way too long! I said ANNA! Call me ANNA. Say it with me ANN-A! Jeez…” I say.

“That name is so uninteresting” he says with a grunt.

“You’re uninteresting” I say with a sigh.

“Well! I’m just trying to help you out! I’m wearing this outfit for the costume party today! Which you’re not dressed for!” I stopped and turned around, facing him. And a breeze goes by. I glance at Cynthia.

“Cynthia not wearing any costume.” I said as I smiled. Ronny frowned and tilted his head and sighed.

“I guess you don’t notice the big black crown on her head.” He said. I glanced at Cynthia, seeing the crown.

“That’s what she usually wears!” I said

He shakes his head. “No. Cynthia please explain to this child, what your wearing.” He says.

“A costume. For a costume party.” Cynthia says. I stare at her. A breeze goes by.

“Nooooo!” I scream!

The author's comments:
Well this is another one, but we still don't meet Sybastian yet, maybe in the third one, whatever I think of. I'm still having a hard time deciding where to put him in the story, shouldn't be that hard since, he's one of the main characters. Anyway, comment and rate! Thank you.

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