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Dear Jaqueline

September 27, 2010
By AnonyMiss GOLD, Houston, Texas
AnonyMiss GOLD, Houston, Texas
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Dear Jaqueline,

You stupid girl. Stupid, stupid girl. You have ruined yourself. Obliterated us. Destroyed me.

You are selfish. You are horrible. You are disgusting, despicable. Sickening.

You weren’t supposed to let him befriend you. You were supposed to keep up your unbreakable shield. You certainly weren’t allowed to being to enjoy his company, look forward to the walking-home routine you shared. Before long, you started to notices the cute way his hair fell over his eyes and his sense of humor and…it was unacceptable. You liked him.

Then, summer came. And he met her. You met her too. Jenny. And she was so obviously superior to you in every way that they inevitably got together. They held hands at the party that night, while you watched. You told yourself you didn’t care. You lied.

Time passed. He was with her. You were alone. Like always, of course, but now you felt it. You were left with nothing but an overwhelming feeling of foolishness and despair. Stupid girl. Couldn’t you have predicted this?

You have sufficiently ruined things now. Ruined us. But the worst part is that I cannot blame you. Not entirely. Because I still pine after him, even today – more than two years later.

Love always,
Jaqueline, your future self

The author's comments:
found in an old journal written by my frustrated seventh grade self. quite appropriate, actually

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