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Erase And Rewind

October 6, 2010
By Tahji0xoxii SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
Tahji0xoxii SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
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Before the Beginning

My name is Cristiana Rovaldo Marchesa. But people call me Cris or Crissy. I go to ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI, which is the largest university in Greece. I am on a sports scholarship there and I AM m.v.p of their soccer team. I'm in my Junior year and can't wait to get out and go to UB ( University of Barcelona ) law school. I am from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. My best friend Miyka Cera is really rich , I'm rich too, but he is really rich. He decided to stay with me in Greece and then finish his last year of college online. Then we will both be going to Spain, except he is going to Madrid to become a figure in Film and Dramatic Arts. I as you know will be in Barcaaaalona.
Anyway, that is what I thought until they dropped my sports scholarship program...

You don't always get what you want
“ What the hell? Why did they do that!” I asked the Head Mistress.
“ Because we are going through budget cuts and sports aren't as big a deal as music and such.”
“ Well what about me?! How am I supposed to stay in school?”
“Well we have a number of other scholarships available so I'm sure you'll find something. You have one week.”
“ Huh- Fine . Goodbye.”

So I went home and burst through the door to call Miyka to come over and help me look through packets for open scholarships. I really didn't have the patience or time to do it. But I knew I had to if I wanted to stay in school.
“ Hey Miyka thanks for coming. Here are the packets to look over.” I said exasperated.
“ No problem. Lets get started.”
So I flipped through the packets, Art, Dramatic Arts, Basketball coaching. Nothing was fitting. I would of done dramatic arts but it conflicts to much with my schedule.
“ Hey Cris how about this one?” Miyka asked me. It was a scholarship for Music.
“ I don't play instruments like that.” I replied annoyed.
“ No but you sing.”
“ I'm not any good at singing.”
“ Yes you are! You're amazing. Listen tryouts are Friday why don't you just go and try it?”
“ Huh. Fine I'll do it.” I said hoping that this would really work out.
“ Great that's awesome. Now lets go out and have some Greek pizza.”
“ OK! Lets go.”

We had been working so hard all week, singing and rehearsing. There was no doubt in my mind that I would have shanked up my performance. I went to sleep, waiting for tomorrow.
“ Hey guess what...?” Miyka called, waking me up this morning.
“ Today's Friday!”
“ OH! Ya I know. I'm so excited.”
“ Well get up and I'll meet you at the tryouts.”
“ 'K see you then.”

I had just got done singing my heart out. Now were just waiting for them to call and tell me whether or not I got the scholarship. Miyka was sitting by the phone with me. We were to nervous to speak of anything. But we didn't have to cause the phone started to ring.
“ Oh Cris answer it!”
“ Oh my god! OK”
I answered the phone.
“ Hello?”
“ Hello is this Cristiana Marchesa?”
“ Yes this is.”
“ Well then, this is Karrie Jackson with the Department of Music. I am calling to congratulate you for winning the Music scholarship tryouts.”
“ Oh! Are you serious? That is amazing!! Thank you so much.”
“ You are very welcome. Classes start 9:15 on Monday.”
“ OK. I'll be there.”

I raced back over to Miyka.
“ I made it!”
“ You got the scholarship?”
“ Yes!!”
“ Crissy thats amazing!”
“ I know! I owe it all to you for helping me write that song and rehearse.”
“ Oh it was nothing.”
“ Want to go out for some Greek Pizza?”
“ Actually I'm craving some Margherita Pizza.”
“ OK lets go.”
The next day after classes I was hanging out with Miyka (again) finishing our song.

“ Ha ha that's my phone hold up.” I said
“ Hello?”
“ Hi my name is Matt Shaw is this Cristiana?”
“ Um. Yes it is people just call me Cris though.”
“ Oh OK well hey Cris I am from the Music Scholarship I was wondering if you would want to hang out in like a half an hour?”
“ Maybe, where?”
“ Tursia's Coffee”
“ Oh sure.”
“ OK see you then.”
“ Bye”

“Who was that?” asked Miyka
“ Oh that was a guy from the Music program. Um.. Matt Shaw.”
“ Matt Shaw! He used to play football with me.”
“ Oh that Matt wow well we are going to the coffee shop in like 25min. So how about You and me catch up later?”
“ Sure. Talk to you tomorrow.”
“ Kk bye.”
“ Lol Bye.”

Making An Impression is good to some Ex-stint
So I walked into the door to the coffee shop and let me give you the run over about Matt. Broad shoulders ( but not to broad ) greenish brown eyes and a very hot Greek accent.
“ Hey! Come over and sit.”
“ Hi.. thanks for inviting me.”
“ Well I heard you were new to the program and I wanted to get to know you. So what would you like to drink?”
“ Caramel Mocha Machiatto please.”
“ Can we have a Caramel Mocha Machiatto and a Mocha Frappe.” He ordered.
“ So whattaya say we head back to campus? I have a dorm on site we could talk there?”
“ Sure lets go.”

So we headed back to his dorm, and it was probably cleaner than mine. Not to mention it was huge. It also smelled like sweet apple spice.

“ Well here we are! You can sit down there.” He pointed to the couch.
“ Thanks .”
“ So can I hear you sing.”
“ Yea, sure.

This is the way I want to live yea yea ah oh
No way are you gonna come in between
me and what I want to be
So step aside
let me live my life
Cause this is the wayy
the way I want to live.”

“ That was... Amazing. So what do you like to do for fun.”
“ Well I play soccer on the woman’s college team. And I like to go to Club Rodeo in Athens.”
“ Oh wow! I love that place too. We should go together sometime.”
“ Ya sure. So I have a question, what exactly was your motive for inviting me?”
“ Huh! Wow very straight forward aren't ya?”
“ Yes! I can be like that sometimes.”
“ Well to be honest I am like a mentor. And, I chose to ' mentor ' you. Except it's more than just that. Like it doesn't really matter what you do, I'm not going to turn you in or anything. Just give you some tips. Plus, I mean, you are pretty hot!”
“ Oh! Well thanks that's good to know.”
Matt got up and walked to his kitchen. I was really kind of freaked about how straight forward he was being.
“ So are you in your senior year, or are you out yet?” I asked him.
“ I just graduated college and next year I'm going to Madrid for their three year Music program.”
“ Oh that's cool. When I get out I'm going to Barcelona for their Law program. So how old are you?”
“ I am 25. I took a year off before going to college to help out with my brothers music program. What about you?”
“ I am 21 going to turn 22 next month.”
He walked back over to the couch and took my hand
“ Come here, I want to show you something.”
“ OK!” For the record, I am so in love with this guy! He is such a charmer. He brought me outside to his terrace. The city was right below and it looked amazing, the way the lights and and buildings clashed together so perfectly. I felt kinda breathless.
“ Isn't beautiful?” Matt asked me.
“ Yes! Yes it is.”
“ I like the way it's so peaceful, but so busy at the same time.”
“ Me too.”
I looked into his eyes trying to really see him. They were like green but also caramel. He was by far the most hottest guy I'd ever spent time with. The way his orange shirt made him look so laid back, but his muscles would sometimes be tense. I moved closer to him, hoping he wouldn't turn away.
“ So..” He reached in and kissed me, I felt so weak. But he was there holding me up. I kissed him back, he was so forceful but gentle at the same time. Oh I felt I could melt right there. I wondered what would happen after this ended.
“ Lets go inside?” He pulled away and asked me.
“ Sure.”
I followed him as he kissed me some more while leading me inside to the couch. There was this voice inside of me saying, he's your mentor. But he was the one who said that didn't really matter. He laid me down, and came on top of me. Kissing my cheek then down to my neck. He ran his fingers through my hair, I began to take his shirt off. His chest was so amazing. His hand slid underneath my tank top, to my lower back. He started to lift my tank top off, and I let him. I pushed up on him now, laying him on his back. I knew I should stop soon, so I began to kiss more slowly and relax.
“ Wow! We got alittle carried away.” Matt said.
“ You bet we did.”
“ What do you want to do now? Watch some TV, or a movie.”
“ How about some TV.”
“ Alright.”
He turned the TV on we started watching some movie called Wild Thing. He look at me , smiled, then kissed me on the lips. I moved in closer to his arms.
“ I don't do this all the time, you know.” He said. “ With you I just couldn't resist.”
“ I'll take that as a good thing.”
“ You should, you can stay here. Unless you need to go back to your dorm.”
“ I would stay, but I don't have anything to sleep in.” He got up and went into his room. He came back with a shirt and some boxer shorts.
“ You can sleep in this, if you want.”
“ OK.”
“ Well go change, here ya go.”
I went into his room and changed. He gave me a yellow button down and some black shorts.
“ Well look at you rocking my shirt.” Matt said.
“ I do look pretty sweet.”
“ Better than sweet, more like hot! Come over here.” I went over to the couch and got underneath the blanket with him. It felt so wonderful laying on his chest. It also felt weird how everything had happened so fast.
“ Hey tomorrow night, were having a party outside by the pool and I want you to be my date?”
“ That sounds great what time?”
“ Well the party starts at 8:30 , and I want to spend sometime with you before than so how about I come and get you at seven.”
“ OK. That's great.” He kissed me again then gave me a squeeze. I laid my head back down on his chest and closed my eyes.

This is what happens when you mess with the bull
I woke up at 9:00 the next morning. Matt made me breakfest ( bacon and eggs! ) then I said goodbye and headed to the library to meet Miyka and my new study partner Kiesha.
“ Hey guys whats up?” I asked them.
“ Not much.. You didn't come home last night, where were you?” Miyka asked me.
“ Oh, I stayed over in Matt's dorm. It is huge!”
“ Oh OK. Well lets get studying.”

We were at the library till 1:30, then we went to lunch at the coffee shop. I told them that I had to leave because I had to get my supplies for Music tomorrow. When I finally got home it was 6:00 I had less than an hour to get ready to go to the party. I put on my bikini and wore mini jean shorts over it, along with a plaid shirt unbuttoned. I wore my hair curly. Then the door bell rang.
“ Hey what's up?” I asked Matt as I opened the door.
“ Well.. I am here to see you of course. Are you ready to head on out?”
“ Yup! Let me grab my towel.” Matt looked even hotter than he did last night. ( if thats even possible ) He wore his swim shorts and a simple white shirt.
“ OK lets go.” I said. We went back to his dorm to chill before we headed down to the pool.
“ So you look great” Matt said.
“Thanks, so do you.”
“ Well do you want anything to drink?”
“ How about a Dr. Pepper.”
“ OK!... Here you go.” He pulled me up from my chair and kissed me... I pulled back up from air in what seemed like forever.
“ Well we should head over now. Looks like our time went by pretty fast.” He said.
“ Oh! Ya I guess we should.”
We headed over to the party and there were a ton of people, music blaring so loud I could feel it in my chest. We headed over to the food area and Matt introduced me to some of the new kids that would be in my class.

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