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Life is Full Of Beginningd

October 13, 2010
By Tahji0xoxii SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
Tahji0xoxii SILVER, Gresham, Oregon
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Before the beginning
I walked on to the University of Barcelona campus, wide-eyed and speechless “I can't believe we're finally here!” I said.
“ Neither can I.” Miyka said. Dropping his bags on the tall marble stairs. Miyka is my best friend. We've known each other since 3rd grade.
He picked up his bags and looked over at me.
“Well Cris, I reckon we shall head to our dorms now?”
“ I very much reckon we shall same.” No he isn't English or British. We just do that for fun all the time. Just yesterday we pulled off Australian accents at lunch.

We got checked in and found out that our dorms were right next to each other. I was so happy! I had everything I needed and wanted. Playing soccer on the varsity college team, getting to hang out with Miyka whenever I wanted. But lastly, I was in Barcelona!!! I had my whole life planned out from here. Nothing could go wrong...
Nothing is forever
4 months had past and I had just finished my English class and was checking my email at the library. One from Miyka asking when we could hang out. I hadn't seen him in forever, since I've been so busy. Then there were five from different courses saying to stay on track and be prepared for upcoming tests. I went to go check out some research books when I ran into one of my new friends from this year.
“ Hey Cris! What's new with you? I heard you made the Spanish All-star team!” Clara said.
“ I did, so happy! But not much else. What about you?”
“ I am getting real close to getting a record deal from Casa Blanca, going in tomorrow.”
“ Well that's exciting! Make sure you'll still call when you're big and famous.”
“ Oh come on! You know your the one that will forget us all once your playing for the Liverpool womens league!”
“ Ha! Sure .. Well I'll talk to you later got to go study.”
“ OK! Bye.”
I headed back over to my computer, I had two new emails:

Cristiana R. Marchesa,

I am sorry to announce that several soccer scholarships have been dropped due to financial problems. Yours happens to be one of them. Therefore you have 1 week to come up with a new way of paying or you will be dropped from all classes.
Best Wishes,
Joan Terry


Hey honey it's mom! Haven't heard from you in a while. Don't know if you've been contacted yet but your brother Charles is in the hospital. I don't want to discuss everything in an email so call me when you have time.

Love you,


I looked up my moms number and and dialed it. It rang twice and then she answered.
“ Hello honey.”
“ Hi mom. What's wrong with Charles.”
“ He got in a car crash 3 days ago. He is in the San Jose USP Hospital in Madrid, if you want to go see him.”
“OK I will either tonight or tomorrow. Is he going to be OK?”
“ The doctors say he is fine and he is really lucky.”
“ OK.”
“ So how is everything going with you?”
“Well I just found out that I lost my scholarship and so I have one week to figure something out. I also made the Spanish all-star team.”
“ Well that part is great. But why did you lose you scholarship?”
“ Financial problems. I wasn't the only one though.”
“ Well I hope you can figure some thing out. We have savings for you.”
“ I'm not taking any money from you so don't even try.” We talked for a little bit more then I texted Miyka to meet me at the train station.

“ Hey Cris! Whats up?”
“ My brother is at the hospital we are going to see him.”
“ Oh Wow! What happened?”
“ Car crash. He is supposed to be fine but I want to see him.”

We rode to the hospital and found my brothers room.
He looked really sore. It hurt to realize that I haven't seen him since a week before school started and he could have easily be dead right now.
“ Hey Cris. Guessing Mom called ya?” Charles said.
He could barely make out a word. Or open his mouth. They cleaned him up pretty well though.
“ Yes. Yes she did. How are you feeling?”
“ I'm fine. How about you? Mom and Dad called. Heard you lost your scholarship.”
“ Hm.. Yup I did.”
“ Wait! What happened.” Miyka interjected.
“ They can't afford to pay for us anymore.”
“ Well what are you going to do?” My brother and Miyka said at the same time.
“ Try and get a scholarship they are still able to pay for.”

I went home and looked through open scholarship programs with Miyka. He said I should apply for the Music one. I decided to go for it, I do sing and play piano and drums. Auditions were tomorrow.

“ That was very good Cris. We will send you an email or call you when the results are back.” Mrs. Beirner said.
I had just got done with my audition. Unfortunately they have a week before they tell you anything. So I would have to find a minor scholarship to do periodically. It ended up being coaching soccer for Little Tots.

A couple days later, Miyka was hanging out at my house when I got a call from my mom. She asked if I was at my dorm because she was going to be there soon. I didn't know what was going on but why was my mom coming to visit me right now? I opened the door and she walked in.
Her eyes were swollen and she looked a mess. “ Hey honey. Hi Miyka.”
“ Hi mom. Um.. what's up.”
“ Well I am going to just come out and say it. Charles is dead, but we don't really understand why.”
My whole world stopped. Miyka came over to comfort me. My mom grabbed my hand. But I couldn't feel anything. I just stared at her, hoping that she hadn't said that. But I knew she had. I got up and spoke.
“ But I thought the doctors said he was fine. Nothing was wrong!”
“ Yes they did. But there was some type of bug in his body that got to his heart and it stopped.”
“Well why didn't they stop it!!”
“ They didn't know about it.”
I walked away and went into my room. I just needed to sleep. Then I could think this over.
Three days had passed and I hadn't gotten out of bed. Miyka had been bringing me my homework. I would do some of it and he would turn it in. But I didn't feel that good. I had friends who would call and ask how come they hadn't seen me in a while. My mom called every now and then to see how I was doing. Then one day Miyka came into my room and told me off.
“ Listen you sleep all day and you don't get out. I know that your hurt but keeping to yourself us making it worse. So whether you want to or not we are going to lunch. So get dressed.”
“ How about later I am tired.”
“ How can you be tired. You don't do anything but sleep. Lets go.”
I got dressed and we went to lunch. I felt better , but I know it is going to take time.

The beginning for something new
I had my All-Star game tonight. We would be playing the Madrid All-Stars. 15 minutes into the game I scored a goal. Then 5 minutes later I scored on a corner kicked. The ball curved right around the defenders into the goal on the far post. We ended up winning the game 3-1. I ended up winning M.V.P of the season. I went home and got online to send a message to my mom. But before I did that I had another email to check.

Cristiana Rivaldo Marchesa,

I am happy to announce that we have accepted your application for your Music scholarship.
Classes begin on Tuesday. You will need level 3 music textbooks.


Mrs. Beirner


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