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New Hope

January 3, 2011
By Nabilah SILVER, Sawyer, Michigan
Nabilah SILVER, Sawyer, Michigan
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The air around me swirls with wonder, as the snow beneath me embraces into a slow dance with the breeze. Smells of pride tempts my nose, never daring to reveal oneself. My body shivers with fright, braving the freezing winds with courageous fight. I stand at the edge of the frozen lake, letting my dreams fly, soaring with no destination in mind. I laugh out loud, of all the things! In mid winter, my beautiful glorious tears drizzle down my cheeks. The night was gone, but none revealing. Songs happily sung echo freely, finally the long wait is over; I spread my arms out with joy, and sing my heart out for no other reason, the New Years has come, my spirit has risen.

But hasn’t reality always proven fantasy wrong?
And then my dreams shatter at the end of my song…
The hurt and pain come back into place
As I have no idea of the dark moment that soon awaits.
My cries aren’t answered and are never to be
For my life has no meaning, it’s too late to flee.
But there is always faith, or so it seems
And faith can never break; it’s never a dream…

My eyes grew wide; from the sudden opening of the glass door behind me, hearing an angered sigh. Screaming was thrown at me uncontrollably, unveiling his poisoned mind, before he jokingly swung around his knife. Fear enveloped me, but he craved it, so I Had to deny. Every shiver that suddenly comes, revolt only laughs and taunts he ratifies. My eyes reveal to him of innocence he desires to break, but I couldn’t fake. Every step I move away he takes, never looking away…

Uselessness starts to take over my mind
The fear disappears as I start to cry
He laughs mockingly, creating anger inside
The power my emotions created, felt was oh so fine!
I then stare right through him with no fear
Destroying his worthless words, with truth that was clear
Soon I am the one taking the steps
He falls right into my trap, right into his death…

Looking down at what I had done, confusion strikes, seeing only blood. My eyes are surprised to see the knife in my hand, how did this happen, why, am I damned? I realize now only remembering: how my emotions gave in to the patient sins that revoked in anger, the lies my mind had triggered. It’s too late, I sigh, what a waste, oh how I wasted my life. It’s not my fault, I whisper as I question, if I’m innocent or had just committed a crime. Nothing made sense, as I try so hard to remember every detail, but nothing rang clear. Did he struggle, scream or cry? I start to wonder. Sirens wail coming closer, nothing felt real, I was a disaster. The police were yelling, and soon my head started to feel dizzy, not being able to stand! I try to explain myself, maybe not clearly. Oh, why can’t they hear me? Then blackness hits me. My sight starts to clear, to see children playing, to music that seemed to come from the trees. The laughter caught up with me, it felt like spring, seeing everything so green. Then I knew I’m only dreaming, enjoying myself, knowing that only pain waits for me when I wake up…

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