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No one knows me

February 19, 2011
By xInvisibleStrangerx BRONZE, London, Other
xInvisibleStrangerx BRONZE, London, Other
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You can a million faults in other people, but you can only find one in yourself!

No one knows me. They never will, because I won't let them.

They won't know aboutt the secret silent tears that slide down my
cheeks. Or the hatred of smoking and alcohol, just so that I can fit in. They
will never know about the family problems, the arguments filled with hate
towards me. They will never know aboutt the pain I feel; knowing that the future
I planned is going down the toilet.

They will never see who I truly am - a depressed 16 year old knowing that there
isn't a point to anything anymore. All they see is the mask I put on; happiness, laughter,
always looking at the 'bright side' of life.

No one knows me. And they never will, because I won't let them.

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