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The One, Two, BAM!

March 30, 2011
By JonnyFox SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
JonnyFox SILVER, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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“Dude, I’m tired of waiting! Can we do it now?”
“No! Do you wanna ruin the entire thing?”
“Well, I guess not.”
“Then shut up and wait.”

As we waited for our friend to fall into a deep sleep, we had the plan made. We went through it over and over again until it was perfect. He will hold the water and I would hold the flour. Our pranks could not be beaten by a single soul. The pranks that we had online were top of the list, grade A pranks. Even though this prank was behind its time it still was funny, as we were bored out of our minds.

“Hey, it has been over an hour now! Can we do this thing or what?”
“Ok fine! On the count of three. One, two…”

Splash! Bam! The plan was a complete…Failure. The flour didn’t even come out of my hand, it was that fast! As soon as that water fell on our sleeping victim’s face, he got right up and gave my friend a K.O. punch right to the face.

“Ow, ow, owww!!!”
“Ya see? I told you we should’ve waited longer.”
“Well I’m sorry I didn’t know he was gonna punch my face in!”
“Well now you do!
“Shut up!”

So as my friend went to the bathroom to check on his bruised face, I had a talk with our, victim.

“Hey good punch bro.”
“Ha-ha yea, did you get that on camera?”
“The whole thing.”

Even though my first prank failed, who’s to say that it was the only prank I had in mind?

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