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falling into a different world

April 29, 2011
By Zazawish777 GOLD, KC, MO, Missouri
Zazawish777 GOLD, KC, MO, Missouri
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I’m Lonely. But yet, I have so many friends. Like, Alice, Dash, Lilly, Alzel and Judd. These are just a random number of my friends. I have tons of friends, and along with that, I have enemies too. Such as Frank, Namu, and Kir. But if I think about this, I realize Friends and enemies is not the right word for it….. More like, Imaginary friends. But then again, that word cannot describe axels hair. It’s not imaginary, it’s real. When he spoke to her, he shifts his head slightly, and the light seeped down his hair. Lighting up each strand and giving it a glow. See, not imaginary but not real.
I get stuck. A lot. My world is big. I don’t mean to say that it revolves around me, but I feel like every time I close my eyes I fall down into another world. My arms reaching out and my hair wishing around my face. And when I open them, I’m in a new world, maybe with Alice or maybe defending a kingdom with Alzel. And each world, I’m A new character. I could be a princess or a heroic warrior, or even the smartest person alive. I could be dying on the couch and my prince comes ridding along, or he may not come at all.
It’s complicated, my mind holds so much. So many worlds, so many characters, so many events. And when I open my eyes, I’m back to reality. And I get confused. I don’t like this world. Where is my prince and what happened to that guy that was flirting with me in the café? No one like that is here- in reality.
So I close my eyes and fall, down, down, down and down. Till I feel my toes touching the soft blades of grass, or the freezing but glittering white snow. Maybe, there could be… no, not possible. It was a silly thought. But once a thought enters my mind it won’t escape. Could it be? Would it work? Maybe… what if…. There was a guy, for me. In this reality. But out of so many, how will I find my prince, my warrior my guard? Maybe… there is someone out there that does what I do. But he falls down and down to a world where he is searching for his princess, his female warrior. There can only be one way to find out. Out of all the guys on the world, bunched up in a room. I need to eliminate the players, then I will get rid of the jocks, and then the I will get rid of the guys that don’t have imagination. And then, just a few are reaming in this room. So I grab my old black notebook. The one that was meant to be used for something useful. I so I write.
If you are my prince, then what am I? What world would we live in? DO you even know of a writer that can take you to another world? Do you like to travel, to another world, and would you like to travel- with me?
Answer on the next page please. If not- then leave the notebook alone.
So there it was. The quest for my prince or my guardian or maybe for my future boyfriend. I left it behind favorite book, hidden, with blank pages waiting for a response.

The author's comments:
this is based off a poem i made- its a longer story of it. its this girl, who closes her eyes and drifts off to another world. More like when i read a book i escape to another world. Like that. enjoy!

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