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Not fun at all

June 30, 2011
By Shawnakat101 GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
Shawnakat101 GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
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Alexandra was walking to her locker, it was her first day at the new middle school. Her parents decided that it was time for a change, she didn't want to move in the middle of the school year but she had no choice.
Alexandra grabbed her notebook, pencil case, a book and a binder. Alex headed off to English class. Alex walked into the class room a little late because she had gotten lost.
"Ah, everyone say hello to Alexandra,she's new to the state." The teacher smiled at her.
"Hello Alexandra." The class said to her.
"Alex go take a seat by Cameron." Alex did as the teacher told her.
Cameron gave her the look that said don't look at me or talk to me.
Alexandra got the feeling as if she wasn't welcome here at the this certain school. It was the rich kids, she was just an honor student, didn't have that much money, cool clothes, or that latest gadgets.
As Alex sat there in the class it was the most torturous thing ever. Someone passed a not throughout that class room, it was a picture of her, resembling something that was suppose to look like her. Alexandra crumpled up the paper and ignored everyone.

Alex went home that night and went into the bathroom she took out the crumpled piece of paper and frowned.
"What idiots, they want to play it this way I will show them what a much beautiful girl I am much more than they are."Alex mumbled.
Alex grabbed the scissors from the side basket and began to cut her dirty blonde hair. Her hair fl-aired out, she then put red highlights in her hair to make it stand out. She smiled it looked really good, she then remembered the contacts she had and grabbed those out of the cabinet and walked to her room.
She got ready for bed and prayed tomorrow would be a better day.
Alexandra walked into her last period of the day English, she walked into the room and everyone stared at her. She walked to the English teacher and whispered in her ear.
Alex looked around the room, she changed her appearance. One of the students raised their hand. "Yes Maddie." The teacher said.
"Who is that?" The red head asked.
"Someone who is here to talk to you today." The teacher frowned.
"Well hello everyone, how are you doing." Alex said to them with a frown and tears in her eyes. " I wanted to talk to you guys about not assuming who a person is based on what they look like, or for what they don't have, and also bulling."
The classed looked at Alex with a frown. Cameron raised his hand.
"Yes Cameron." Alex looked at him with her big blue eyes.
"I know who you are, you the girl from yesterday Alex." She smiled.
"Ya I am." The classed erupted into shock." Yesterday I got a piece of paper that had a picture that was suppose to look like me. Well I hate to tell you guys, is that paper doesn't look like me at all not even before I changed me appearance."
The whole classroom went silent.
"It wasn't funny it hurt a lot, I don't think its fare to bully anyone no matter how poor they are or for what they look like." Alex frowned. " How would you feel if someone would pick on you just because you looked a little different, or because of the way you act?" Alex left the class thinking as she sat down in her seat next to Cameron the one that wasn't so blind.
"How did you know?" Alex whispered to him as the teacher began class.
"Because, I don't assume or make fun of people, I was just like you." Cameron said to her.
"Thanks so much." Alex said to Cameron.
That day Alexandra made a new friend and got the bullying inside the classroom to stop.

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