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July 15, 2011
By apinkwildrose GOLD, Fredrick, Maryland
apinkwildrose GOLD, Fredrick, Maryland
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It’s hot and sandy and itchy it was my tent. Filled with sand and three mosquito bitten girls and a rain cover that blocked the cool wind! I was on a Girl Scout overnight camp trip with my new good friends Robin and Emily. I met them two days ago but this is our first day on the beach. We had come with a group of 9 girls and 4 counselors. I had been here once before.

Assateague was a beautiful island with an ocean and sprawling white sand and elegant sea shells with luxurious long grass and wiled and majestic horses. I didn’t know it had mosquitoes as big as a penny and latrines that smell so bad I can’t even describe there putrid stank. So bottom line the trip was a cruel joke.
That’s what I was thinking when I woke up, it was night and I was covered in wet sticky sweat and itchy red bug bites. I hate mosquitos. Then the wind picked up and the sides of the tent which were pink flapped violently. Then suddenly, the rain cover came off and a light breeze came in hulal-oul! I looked around and saw no mosquitoes. which there always are. I had a pleasant though, that maybe they had all died. Hay, a girl can dream. Then I curiously looked outside, it was beautiful! The rolling sand dunes were washed in a pale blue light and the grass streaks of green between them. I felt the clean fresh ocean air and smelled the sea. I finally looked up at the sky and nearly fell over in wonder meant. The stars were as bright as diamonds and the sky was crystal clear; it was a shade of lovely aqua blue. I felt like I had just entered a movie. The rest of the world dissolved and it was me Assateague and two sleeping friends.

I had to wake the others to see this feel this. First I woke Emily. “Emily, Emily,” I said, while shaking her, “wake up, wake up the rain cover blew off!” She did stir she sat straight up looked me in the eye, and said the muffin man has captured the president”. Then she suddenly fell down on her sleeping bag which startled me and slept. So I figured I wouldn’t try waking her up again just in case she thought I was the muffin man.
So I turned to shake Robin on the next sleeping bag next to me. I “shook her and said, Robin, Robin get up! “Uh Kara “she said opening her eyes, what time is it? I didn’t know but I answered, close to morning, the sky was that beautiful blue. The island is absolutely beautiful, I exclaimed throwing my arms in the air. Hu Robin said, sitting straight up now still looking half asleep. It still amazed me that this was her first time at the beach. Because she looked like a surfer she had the same build as me pale skin green eyes, heart shaped face with beach blond streaks running through her hair.

Now we were both awake and looking at the stars. It seemed that the unpleasantness of the tent dissolved and left me and Robin to wonder. While looking at the stars I remembered the constellation, and told Robin there many stories then asked Robin why was this her first time at the beach since she was 13 years old. Apparently she had her own stories to tell. A story she trusted me to keep a secret it and what I consider amazing. It is why this night will always be the one I remember from my trip but I keep my promise. I will tell you she is a nice and kind person what she did is amazing to me she didn’t get in the paper or awarded for what she did, earn is my respect. At the end robin burst into tears. I slid over to her sleeping bag and let her cry on my shoulder. “Thanks Kara “Robin muffled sitting back up on her bag. “Thanks? I said, cocking my head, “for what? “For listening and caring, “she said wiping her eyes. “No problem,” I said putting my hand on her shoulder and giving a weak smile it’s what friends do. “Yeah,” she said then she yawned, “Ooww we better sleep. You go to sleep I want one last look,” I said and then I slipped off her bag and on to mine and looked out the screen door. Robin yawed again and got into her sleeping bag and in a minute she fell fast asleep.

I stared out at the island’s perfect beauty; it was silent except for the sounds of the island strands and my blond hair, gently floating past my vision as I looked out. I felt that maybe Assateague was trying to teach me something. I looked back at Robin sleeping soundly and Emily. I thought back to when I first came, I thought of the bugs and latrines and the horses. A thought about me, just me, surround by Assateague. I felt so free and content more then I have ever been in any ,city or building or luxuries place then I had felt in that sand sticky and itchy tent. I decide I can’t stare forever no matter how much I wanted to, I had to sleep so I crawled in to my bag and slept.

Oddly enough I woke early, it must have been the sun whenever it wakes me up I feel completely rested. I sat up and was greeted by a cool breeze it felt so good! I looked outside no one was up and the sun was rising over the milky white sand dunes and the sky seeping pink and orange and yellow pastel colors. I have to get out of this tent and get a better look. I stepped out with my flip flops on I was still in my P.Js. I step over to a bench it was wooden and ruff. I sat down kicked off my flip flops and wiggled my feet into the white sand, it was cool on my feet. The wind on my skin I felt that moment of calm again as I looked at the sunrises. I got what Assateague was trying to teach me no matter how bad things are it can be worse. I thought of Robin. Sure there were blood sucking little pain in the neck mosquitoes, and horrible stinky latrines and hot stuffy tents, but there’s also good friend ocean air thank goodness and beautiful scenery. Besides I love a challenge and Assateague sure loves to give them. I love this place but I hate it too I guess that’s Assateague.

The End

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This was my trip to Assateague well only on day but they had some thing speachlie. I chose this day beacuse of the moment i shaired whith my freaind and as a good freaind i will not say what we talked about

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on Jan. 23 2012 at 3:40 pm
apinkwildrose GOLD, Fredrick, Maryland
12 articles 23 photos 19 comments

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thank you personly i think it could use some touch ups but wow thank you.

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