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No Longer Alone

December 8, 2011
By NovemberPage BRONZE, Royersford, Pennsylvania
NovemberPage BRONZE, Royersford, Pennsylvania
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"Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage."

It’s the same scene every time. A dog with a tail wagging faster than the speed of light trots happily beside its new owner as they exit the dismal shelter. Both walk past the mutt with the matted fur and ribs that jut out from his side, who’s sitting at the edge of the thriving forest nearby. Neither of them spares him a single glance. That hopeless hound just happens to be me. My former owners called me Sirius, but that was before they left me. I haven’t seen them since they drove off in a big metal monster, smoke pouring off it like water. The only things I have to remember them by are near-forgotten memories and a thin leather strap on which a small shiny circle hangs that jingles when I walk. They might have called me Sirius, but I’d answer to any name as long as I had an owner who would call me by it.

I used to live in a cozy home and sleep in a warm bed, but now I am forced to sleep on the forest floor. After seeing the plump shelter dog, I realize I am starving. I can tell it’s getting late because darkness is gradually swallowing up the sky. Since it’s too late to attempt to hunt those pesky squirrels, I decide to wander the streets. My prayers are answered when the wind carries a glorious scent to my attentive nose. It is the scent of food which makes my mouth water. I don’t even have to track the scent because I know where it is coming from.

Galloping at full speed, I head towards a tall gray building. When I reach my destination, I trot around to the back of the huge structure. I spy a girl, hair pulled tightly into a ponytail, kneeling while holding out a bowl of delicious looking kibble. I give her hand a feeble lick before I dive into my heavenly feast. The girl giving me this magnificent meal is called Rachel. She gives me food every now and then but somehow I understand that she isn’t, nor will she ever be, my owner. Maybe because she is always telling me something like, “Oh Sirius, you’re such a good dog. I really wish I could take you home.” The tone of her voice tells me that I don't belong to her.

I trot back to my place in the woods. If I was such a good dog, why didn’t I have a home? Why did I have to scavenge for food and sleep in the woods when those stuck-up shelter dogs got to go home and sleep in a warm bed? Why did I have to live my life alone? I was many things, but I certainly wasn’t a “good dog.” These things don’t happen to good dogs. An odd sound interrupts my thoughts. I pause and listen more closely. There it is again. It sounds like a sniffle. Since I have nowhere else to go, I decide to follow the intriguing noise.

As I dart through the woods, the puzzling sound is beginning to grow louder and louder. When I finally burst out of the towering forest, the noise suddenly stops. Confused, I look around. Sitting on a bench with her head hanging low is a woman with sadness radiating off her in waves. For some reason, I feel strongly compelled to comfort her. She doesn’t raise her head as I approach, but when I place my head in her lap her eyes meet mine. She just looks at me so I lick her salty tears away. She laughs and reaches for the piece of leather around my neck.

“Well Sirius, there’s no number or address so I guess you don’t have a home, at least it sure looks that way.” she tells me as she scratches my head. I wag my bushy tail in response. She continues, “I’ve never seen a dog with blue eyes before. They are almost the color of my favorite star.” With a thin finger she point to the sky. I glance up and see bright lights twinkling above. My eyes focus on one light in particular and I give a cheerful bark. She laughs again then turns to me. “How would you like to come home with me, Sirius?” I feel a slight breeze which means my tail is wagging. I would like that very much.

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Ragzy SILVER said...
on Dec. 20 2011 at 10:46 am
Ragzy SILVER, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
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on Dec. 12 2011 at 5:35 am
NovemberPage BRONZE, Royersford, Pennsylvania
3 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage."

Thank you so much!

simpleasthat said...
on Dec. 11 2011 at 9:25 pm
simpleasthat, Lovettsville, Virginia
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"My life is like a carousel. Always moving forward, never going back."

 this is fantastic! i love the way it is written!