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December 30, 2011
By LenoreNevermore GOLD, Davis, California
LenoreNevermore GOLD, Davis, California
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Bree: We used to be the best of friends--Rowan, Nessa, and Bree. Bree, Nessa, and Rowan. We would go everywhere together, do everything together. Just the three of us. We loved how heads would turn to us, eyes smiling. In those eyes we could see their thoughts: Aah, look at them. They're almost like sisters! I bet they love each other a whole lot.
It was true; we did love each other. We were ech other's sisters in every way except for in blood. We even looked similar:
Rowan, with her dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes.
Nessa, with her totally natural platinum blond hair and aristocratic high cheekbones.
And me, Bree, with my strawberry blond hair and black eyebrows and lashes.
We were each other's everything.

Rowan: Everybody saw us as kind-hearted and cheerful, living life to the fullest it could be.
Except for Melanie.
Melanie was popular and everything we ever dreamed of: stunning good looks, wealthy, and dating the mos perfect guy ever. In this jealousy, Bree, Nessa, and I began to be...nasty to Melanie. To be fair, she was nasty to us too. But it all elevated when she began spreading rumors about us.
We decided we had to do something.

Nessa: We gathered together on a Saturday night, at my house, to compose a plan about Melanie. We had no personal experience in plotting, so we just began thinking up ideas.
Our subjects we discussed ranged from makeup to food to clothes. Most of which had to do with putting something into her makeup or food.
And then the idea simply hit us.

Rowan: We could kill her.
That way she'd be gone. Forever. Never to bother or taunt us again.
And it made complete sense.
See, Bree is fantastic with a knife, Nessa can be extremely persuasive, and I'm a logical thinker. All good traits for a pretty band of murderers, right?

Bree: We planned the murder for days, but the actual murder was quite quick. We simply snuck into Melanie's mansion at four in the morning, and snuck back out with a bloody knife and a sense of satisfaction.
To this day, nobody knows who killed Melanie King, except for us three.

And you. But you won't tell, right?
And if you do...we'll visit and shut your mouth.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for a "Pretty Little Liars" contest on Figment. You can also view it here:

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Sail_ BRONZE said...
on Jan. 17 2012 at 12:45 pm
Sail_ BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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this was great! are you going to continue a story for this?