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Wait Another Day

February 4, 2012
By LyverinthsWalk BRONZE, Lebanon, Maine
LyverinthsWalk BRONZE, Lebanon, Maine
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“I don't paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.” - Frida Kahlo

Waiting a day, as another way, I think of the light, that moves me through each night, as I see your face, and hope for the prince, that he would come some day, and for no more strings to be tied, and no more stranding in the sky, but the deeper I fall, the harder it will be to fly, as I stand in my tower, locked all away, I think about you, every single day, I should have heard my calling, as I called to you from above, but the wind just heard my cry, and birds just flew away, as I wait another day, from my knight in shining armor, I wish to see your face, and for you to take me away, but as another day comes, you never show, and tomorrow waits, as I cry my days away, it couldn’t be worse, as I sit alone while it is raining and tears soak up the day and that light isn’t moving me through the night, as I wait, wait for you, my knight, in shining armor, may never come, but I wait for you, for tomorrow may be another day, or it could be the day, that very day, I’ll wait, for you came, and I smiled, but then didn’t matter anymore, and you asked for me wait, and you’ll search the forest, and climb the tower, it didn’t matter, for I waited, too many times, as if love through my own life, was lost to stars, and the sky, I drew myself away, I refused your beckoning, and I lay myself down, and cried away the pain, for I never would see your face, as you give up too easily, as lay myself down and cry away the pain, just before I let myself drift away, I wait, wait another day

The author's comments:
This is about the princesses in every fairy tale, we are always waiting for our prince to come, we rely on the to save us, but they always come when we are in distress, when it's too late, but that all changes when we make a choice, live a happy ending with that prince, or wait another day, and let yourself drift away

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