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The Report Card

February 4, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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She looked in fear at the piece of paper in her hand. It wasn’t that big, about the size of a book, but it scared her more than anything else in the world. It was her report card and in the bold black print was three F’s and four C’s. Her parents were going to kill her. She had promised them to try harder. “Hey Celia, what grade did you get in Marcelli’s?” her friend Vanessa asked. Celia looked at her and then handed the dreaded paper to her. “Oh my gosh. Celia! How did you get these grades?!” her friend exclaimed, clearly astonished, “Your parents are going to kill you.” “Don’t you think I know that? You are not helping.” Celia replied. She slouched in her chair and thought about what punishment she would receive for this.

“Hey Celia, I see your grades aren’t so good. I can help that.” A dark haired kid named Gary said. He was known for not following any rules. “Go away Gary.” Vanessa replied without even trying around to look at him. “Wait, how can you help me?” Celia asked a little interested. “Let’s just say that report card could be all C’s or if you pay a little extra all B’s.” he explained. “That’s not going to work Gary. I can change the grades on this paper easily but these grades are still in the system. I’m afraid no one can help me, not even you.” Celia said slouching in her seat even lower. “You really don’t know me. That is childish. My boys and me of course are experts. We know how to get into the system. We own that office kid.” He smiled and then spit. “Um disgusting. No Celia, don’t even think about doing that. It’s just wrong. Tell your parents and just try harder next marking period. Doing this will just get you in trouble.” Vanessa reprimanded. She shot a disapproving look at Gary. “Does anyone ever tell you that you’re hot?” he asked raising his eyebrows. Vanessa answered with an eye roll and tried to pull Celia away. “No wait Vanessa. If I bring this report card to my parents they will ground me and that means no concert this weekend. Do you really want to go alone?” Celia asked. Vanessa was cornered. “I don’t trust him at all so I’m going to pretend that you’re not working with him.” Vanessa replied walking away. Celia smiled. She wasn’t going to get grounded. She walked back to Gary and asked, “So how much for A’s and B’s?” He smiled, “We can work out a deal.”


Celia waited at the front of the school. It was ten minutes until the bell rang and Gary still wasn’t there. Finally he showed up. “You said you would be here at six forty.” She complained. “Sorry it took longer than we thought to break into the system but here is your new report card. Four A’s and three B’s. Now where’s my money.” He said sticking his hand out. Celia dug in her book bag and pulled out the fifty bucks that was promised. “Here.” She said snatching the report card from him. “I knew it.” A voice from nowhere said. They looked around but saw no one. “Thanks.” Celia said. “Money is money and tell your friend that I’m waiting.” He replied then snuck off. Celia raced to get to her homeroom which was at the back of the school.

Billy hopped up from his hiding place. He smiled and stroked the tape-recorder. He had finally found out who was changing grades. First he would go to the principle then the school newspaper. This would be the best story ever. He could see the headlines already. ‘Billy Mason catches Stonewall High Grade changer.’ Maybe not grade changer. Something better. The newspaper crew could make that up but he would get the credit he wanted. He would also take Gary down. Gary thought he was so great but after this Billy would be the great one. He smiled again. He would also be getting rid of his competition. Celia. She was the first seat in orchestra and she wouldn’t give it up. Now when he showed the tape-recorder to the principle she and Gary would be suspended and he would automatically become first chair. He moved from behind the bush and walked to the school doors.

The author's comments:
When everyone got their report card I just looked at people's reaction and it just came to me.

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