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March 9, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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Smile. Ellen smiled. She was in front of everyone and they were looking at her. She smiled to hide the pain and hurt. Her life sucked and she was expected to be happy. The best man stared at her from across the aisle. He was the only one here that she felt some kind of friendship for. Even though her best friend was in front of her, he was the only one. The priest said the last words and her “best friend” kissed her husband. A moment that should have been magical instead was like ice being stabbed through her heart. Ellen clung to her flowers, trying to keep herself together. She knew if she even let go for a second, her fragile composer would fall apart and she would be like Humpty Dumpty, never fixed again. Tears were there, but she wouldn’t let them fall. She took a deep breath and followed the bride outside. The first part of torture over, but the worst was still to come.

Peter walked up to the table Ellen was sitting at. She looked glum and depressed. “Hey little Bo peep.” She didn’t reply. “Why would she do this?” she finally whispered. Peter shrugged and sat back. According to him, this all worked out perfectly. “She’s your friend. Go ask her.” He replied. Ellen shook her head and looked him. Peter looked back and smiled. She didn’t return it. “Let’s go dance.” He suggested. She shook her head again and Peter decided to leave. She obviously wanted to be alone.

Ellen watched her friend walk away and felt bad. He was only trying to help. She slapped her hand to her forehead. Why did she make everyone leave? “Ellie.” Her best friend greeted shyly. Ellen didn’t even try to make a greeting back. “Now Ellie, I know you’re angry, but…..” her friend started. “No. I am not angry Shelly. I was angry when you ruined my favorite sweater. I was angry when you got Danny and me broken up. I was angry when you got me grounded for breaking curfew. I am furious. How could you marry him?” Ellen interrupted. Shelly looked at her but didn’t say a thing. “He was mine first.” Ellen added, suddenly deflated. “He’s mine now.” Shelly whispered. “I thought you were my best friend.” Ellen said. Shelly looked hopelessly at Ellen. She thought she was over-reacting a little too much. That’s when her husband came behind her. “Shells, you should be happy. This is your day.” He said into her ear, looking at Ellen when he said the last part. “Really Danny?” she asked looking at him, “You think I’m trying to sabotage her wedding?” “You have had a sour face all day and when I walk over here she is about to cry. What am I supposed to think Ellen?” he asked back. “SHE SHOULD FEEL SORRY. SHE MARRIED MY EX-HUSBAND! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE BEST FRIENDS! Best friends don’t sleep with their ex’s. It’s been apart of the girl code before we were born. Any respectful girl knows that their friend’s ex boyfriends are off limits.” Ellen said getting up. She looked in disgust at her friend and her husband. “You are not my best friend.” She said grabbing a cup off the table. Then she flung it on her ex best friend’s dress. It was red punch and it made a huge red spot on the beautiful white dress. No one moved except Ellen, who was heading towards the door. She was done with this wedding and the bride. “I HATE YOU ELLEN!” Shelly finally yelled, tears dripping down her face. Ellen didn’t turn around.

The author's comments:
I thought this would be fun to write about and it was.

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