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The girl I teased

March 30, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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I looked at her from across the room, wondering how I could embarrass her. When she saw me looking at her she shrank down in her seat. I knew I scared her even though I never touched her. When the teacher walked in I turned away. Already I had found a way to embarrass her. It would be easy and the teacher didn’t know it but she would play a very important role. My friend looked at me and asked, “What’s that look on your face?” “You’ll see.” I ended. I wanted this to be a complete surprise.

That afternoon when we went out for recess my plan went into action. I got my friend to distract the teacher while my other friend invited Juliet to play with them. I watched from the sidelines so I would know when to go into action. My friend led her to the swings and pushed her on it. When she was high enough I motioned for Josh to go do his part. He ran over to the swings and told my friend this baloney story about how the teacher said to stay away from the swings. In turn my friend would reply with a “Let’s go play on the monkey bars.” Everything was going according to plan. I didn’t move until Juliet was on top of the monkey bars. I went over climbed up behind her and put a caterpillar on her shoulder. Then I quietly climbed down and walked to the swings. It wasn’t until four minutes later when she noticed the caterpillar. She screamed and tried to knock it off but lost her balance. To my horror she fell in a pile of pinecones. I stared dumbfounded. I liked to mess with her but I never wanted to hurt her. Her cries pierced the air. Soon the teacher was there looking at her arm. It was nothing but a scratch and she was crying over the caterpillar. Since she wasn’t hurt I pointed and laughed. Soon everyone was. She looked around and then ran off to the school. I was happy with myself and all my friends involved came and gave me a high five. That was a very great accomplishment for first graders.

That whole day Juliet wouldn’t even look at me. I didn’t care. She wasn’t anything but a play toy to me. When it was time to go home Juliet got up and told the teacher something. The teacher then told another girl to come up. She asked her something and the girl nodded. Then she called me up. “Airidella, Juliet told me that you pushed her off the monkey bars. Is that true?” she asked me. At first I didn’t reply finally I said “She lost her footing and you can ask Lilly. She was up there too.” The teacher called Lilly up and confirmed my answer. “Juliet you lied so you can join me in here for recess. I smiled because I had gotten her in more ways than one. I practically skipped back to my seat.

The next day I didn’t even bother Juliet. I had had my fun for that week. She was safe until I became bored. There was something different about her though. I didn’t notice until recess when she walked back to her seat and glared at me. She never stared mean at anybody so I was surprised but I didn’t care. What was she going to do to me? I found out when we came back in and did math. I was reaching for my book when I noticed my book bag had been opened. I looked at Juliet, knowing that she was trying to get me back. She turned her nose up and turned away. I reached in and pulled out a note instead.
“Think you can get me into trouble and get away with it? I don’t think so. You will pay. By the way, where’s your book?”
I ripped my book bag open to find that my book was missing. I got up and walked over to Juliet. “Think you’re all tough now? Give me my book back.” “I didn’t touch your book.” She replied. By then the teacher had walked over. “What’s this about?” she asked. “Airidella thinks I stole her book.” Juliet said taking a book out a book from her book bag. I noticed that she had made a mistake and taken my book out instead of hers. I grabbed the book and opened it. I saw my untidy name written on the lines. “See this is my book. This book was in my book bag. Juliet, you know you’re real stupid. If you’re going to get back at me then be smart about it.” I said turning to go back to my seat. “Wait Airidella. You are not allowed to say stupid so you will stay inside for recess tomorrow. Juliet you will stay another day also. Now seats everyone.” She said before walking away. I rolled my eyes and walked back to my seat.

The next day at recess I sat across the room from Juliet. She was reading. “Now girls, I know you two don’t like each other but at least don’t be hostile at school.” The teacher said looking sharply at both of us. I put my face in my hands. That’s when I noticed what she wasn’t really reading. “Why do you always tease me?” she asked. She was looking over the edge of her book. “I don’t tease you.” I said playing with my hair. “I know it was you who put that stupid caterpillar on my shoulder.” She said back. “You’re such an easy target.’ I finally admitted smirking. “Did you know I am allergic to pinecones?” she asked looking smug. “No you are not. You got right back up from the pile.” I replied, “Stop lying.” “I ran to the school to get my medication. If I hadn’t I would have got a rash.” She explained. “Well I’m actually sorry for that. I didn’t want you to get hurt, just embarrassed.” I apologized. She smiled and nodded. Then she really started reading. I looked at her and felt bad for all the mean jokes I had played on her. She wasn’t really that bad. Maybe we could be friends or something.

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