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Pet Love

May 13, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it was always yours, if it doesn't it never was.

He looked into her dark brown eyes and knew he couldn’t do it. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “Please do it.” He couldn’t though. “Marci, could you finish up here. I have to go check on Blue jay.” He said standing straight up. He dusted his coat off and looked at the distraught family. “I’m sorry Mrs. Gill. She lived a good long life.” He shook her hand, ruffled his nephew’s hair then slipped out the room. The tears started dripping down his face as soon as the door closed. All he could see in his mind was the dog lying on her side on the table, her tongue hanging out to the side and her dull lifeless eyes begging to be let go. “Uncle Josh.” His nephew said from the doorway. He had cracked it open just enough for him to see his face. “What’s up kiddo?” he asked putting a smile on his face. He didn’t want his nephew to know that a small dog could bring his strong uncle to tears. “I know you were crying. Aunt Luna was too. She still is. I know Rocket was very special to you. She was your first dog. She’s very special to me and I didn’t even have her but for three years.” The boy said stepping fully into the empty hallway. “She’s in a way better place now.” “Charlie, I know. I have to go check on Blue jay.” He replied smiling at his nephew. Then turned and walked down the hallway. This was his job. He wasn’t about to have a ten year old child comfort him.

“And that’s why he is so heartless.” Tommy announced finishing his story. “That is not what happened.” His sister whispered from beside him. “Yes it was. Mr. Charlie told Billy about that day and Billy told me. You don’t know anything Lily.” He whispered back. His friend looked at him in wide eyes. “I heard that he doesn’t even put the pets to sleep before he does surgery on them.” His friend added looking towards the door. Tommy nodded his head in excitement. Then the nurse called his name. “Tommy Waller, the doctor is ready for Runns.” “Wish Runns luck.” He whispered standing up and dragging his sick dog to the door. Lily rolled her eyes and followed her brother to the door.

“I see Runns is not feeling well again.” The vet said looking at the dog. He tried to put on an easy smile but failed. The dog looked just like Rocket had when it had been time for her to go. He just couldn’t look at the two hopeful kids in front of him and tell them there was nothing he could do. “Where are your parents?” he asked instead. “In the waiting room.” The girl answered. “Would you mind go getting them?” he asked. The girl nodded slowly then like a ghost was gone. “Why do you need our parents?” the boy asked coyly. He had left his spot his dog and was standing in front of him. “Just grown up talk.” He answered back turning back to his clip board and acting like he was writing something. “You needed me?” a woman’s voice asked from the doorway. He looked up and looked at the young mother standing in front of him. She looked like she already knew the news. “Yes miss. Runns’ cancer is not retreating. I’m afraid giving her more medicine is not going to ease the pain any longer. It’s time.” “I was afraid you would say that. Kids you know.” The mother replied looking at her children. Slowly both children realized what their mother was saying. “Mom, we can’t put Runns to sleep!” the girl said distraught. She ran to her mother in tears. The doctor pursed his lips and looked at the clipboard again. “Stop being such a baby Lily. He had to die someday.” The doctor looked up again at the boy. He had no sorrowful emotion on his face. He looked completely at ease. His hand was resting on the dog and he was looking at his sister. “Shut up Tommy. I hope Tike drowns!” his sister yelled back. Her brother chuckled. “He’s a fish. He will never drown.” “Tommy, that’s enough. Lily, you will be putting him in a lot of pain if you keep Runns alive. He has lived a long happy life.” The mother said, trying to calm down both children. The doctor gulped and stepped toward the girl. “I once had a dog. Her name was Rocket. She had cancer also. I was the one who was supposed to put her down. She was my first dog and I couldn’t do it. I know your pain.” The girl looked at him and then hugged him. “I’m sorry doctor. Just do it quick please? I love him so much. He was my first dog.” The doctor smiled and started to prepare the needle. When he was done he turned toward the girl. She nodded and hugged her mother tighter. He patted the dog and stuck the needle in. He heard the girl gasp. Then she started sobbing. The dog looked up at her. His eyes seem to say, “I love you too. Please move on but never forget me.” Then his head fell and he was gone. “Mommy, he looked at me.”

The doctor looked at the picture on his desk. It was a picture of him hugging his never forgotten dog Rocket. He was ten and had just won his first dog competition. Rocket was young and wild with her tongue to the side and her eyes full of unleashed excitement. They were so happy. He missed those moments. He missed coming home to someone who was excited to see him. He missed walking through the park and people just saying hi to him because of his incredible dog. He combed his grey hair with his hand and sighed.

The author's comments:
This is how I would feel if my best friend in the world died( my dog).

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