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Band battles

June 20, 2012
By Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
Bookwizard PLATINUM, Watertown, New York
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“The drug in me is you. And I’m so high on misery.” Mia sang to herself as she looked over her essay. It was about her favorite band in the world, Falling in reverse. It talked about how the lead singer, Ronnie Radke, rose from drugs and jail to become the awesome singer he was today. He was her role model and the one reason she had started her band. Her mother had thought he was a terrible role model and another reason she thought he was perfect. “Mia, did you finish that paper?” her mother shouted from downstairs. “Yup.” she replied then walked downstairs for her mother to read it.

“You lift my feet off the ground, spin me around. You make me crazier.” Karla sang while she walked to her basement. She was preparing her voice for her band’s practice. She opened the door and saw her bass guitarist practicing also. “Hey Rob.” she greeted stepping over to her mike. “Hey Karl.” he replied without looking up. “Where’s Michelle and George?” she asked. “Outside.” he replied. She walked over to the window and tapped it hard three times. Seconds later, her drummer and other guitarist were standing in front of her. “Ready?” she asked. “Once again, stupid Mia and her band have challenged us to a battle.” She explained. She crossed her arms and sighed. “She wants to get beat again?” Rob laughed getting up from his seat. “I guess. Let’s practice Mind sweep.” Michelle said grabbing her drum sticks. Karla nodded her approval and took her spot at the mike. Michelle ran to her drums and George grabbed his guitar. “A one, a two, a three and let’s go…..”

Mia glared at her biggest rival across the room. “Mia, don’t give her the satisfaction of you looking at her.” her friend Mica said. Mia nodded and turned away to look at her band. “Okay guys, we can’t let Karla win again.” Mia said looking at each one of her band members. “We know Mia.” Gina said smacking her gum. “Gina,-” “Now we have another band battle.” the announcer said pacing the stage. He paused to let the crowd finish cheering. “First we have the unbeatable Perfectly unstable against newbies Pink chalk.” He stopped again to let the crowd die down. “Come on up Perfectly Unstable.” he shouted running off the stage. Karla’s band with her in the lead walked up to the stage and took their spots. Before starting Karla winked at Mia. Mia rolled her eyes and looked away. Karla smiled at getting a reaction out of her and started the song. They had chosen to perform their new song Mind sweep and they sounded amazing. By the time they were done, the whole crowd was cheering and shouting their names. “Beat that.” Karla said as she passed Mia. “Easily.” she replied. “That was amazing. Now give it up for Pink chalk!” the announcer yelled into the mike and running off the stage again. Mia ushered her band on stage and took a deep breath. She gave the signal for her band to start and they started. Halfway through the song, a person walked in and Mia stopped singing. Ronnie Radke was looking up at her from the doorway smiling. She gasped and ran off the stage. Her band halted and looked at each other in confusion. Karla was looking at her from her seat. Mia was pushing past people to get to her role model. When she got to him he was turned around. “Ronnie.” she said trying to look completely at ease. He turned around and Mia gasped with disgust. It wasn’t Ronnie Radke. It was some dude that she didn’t know. “I’m not Ronnie darling.” he said with a mocking smile, “Nice band you got there, but I think you lost the battle love.” Mia turned around an made her way back to the stage. Her band looked at her as she approached. “Do you glasses?” Mica asked. “Yeah, that dude looked nothing like Ronnie.” Gina agreed. “Guess I’m nervous.” she said getting back in stage. “I would be nervous if I was about to lose too.” Karla yelled from her seat. Her comment caused giggles through out the crowd. “Take it from the top girls.” Mia said ignoring her.

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