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August 10, 2012
By WretchedCorpse SILVER, Belvidere, New Jersey
WretchedCorpse SILVER, Belvidere, New Jersey
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I lay in bed and close my eyes, thinking. Thinking about my life and situation, my future, when I'd die... My life has been a terrible mess. I have no future, and I'm going to die very soon... How do I know? Because when I open my eyes up again I'm standing on a bridge over a highway.
There a cops around, beginning to blow up a cushion for me to fall on. There's a crowd of people I don't know watching me, scared of what I may do. Some are yelling at me to get down and cherish my life, while others yell that trash like me doesn't belong here and I should just jump. I look over every person there. Why are they looking at me like that? Don't they realize that the pressure they're putting on me only makes me want to die even more? 
I look down at the ground. I'd live to jump. They still don't have the cushion blown up yet, and besides, it would be easy to jump to the side of it. I look to the side and see that a few police officers have begun to climb up towards me. I needed to decide, quick. 
I ponder for a minute, then take a deep breath and jump.
It seems like it takes an eternity to fall to the ground. I can almost see my life flashing before my eyes. Such a pathetic life... God this is so cliche. How wouldve thought this actually happens?
I'm about halfway down and I see a man tear through the crowd onto the spot beneath me. Fool, he'll just get himself killed as well...
I'm finally near the ground and I feel the mans arms grasp around me, catching me. We both slam to the ground, and everything goes black.
                    • • •
When I wake I'm in a hospital bed. I don't know who I am. I try and think about how I got in the hospital when a nurse comes in. She gasps with relief saying, "Thank god your okay!" I look at her slowly, asking what happened ad she explains to me that after I jumped, a 17 year old boy caught me, and I suffered a concussion and 5 broken ribs. Everything immediately comes back.
The nurse does a quick check up on my condition and leaves. I didnt care about how this was all gonna effect me. I just wanted to know how the man who caught me was. Was he alive? Why did e save me?

Eventually I find out he is in a coma with a severe concussion. I feel terrible about him getting involved. But the only question on my mind is, why did he save me?
I get out of the hospital eventually, and I visit him every day, hoping, waiting for the day he'd wake. The only reason i continue to live is because i need an answer to my question. I'm informed that he may not wake at all. Yet I have hope. Perhaps it's blind hope, but... It's a reason to keep living.
                    • • •
About 5 months pass, and he still hasn't waken. My hope begins to fade, and I begin to visit less and less. I still visited him about once a week, but not nearly as often as I had before.
One day when I went to visit him, he finally woke up. I was worried he wouldn't remember who I was, or why he was in the hospital. But the first thing e said when he opened his eyes were, "Thank god you're ok."
I immediately embraced him. I didn't care if he was a complete stranger. I was so grateful to him. However the very first thing I say to him is, "Why did you save me?!"
He stares at me quietly, for what seems like years, thinking about how he should answer. I begin to grow impatient but eventually, he says, "Well... I guess it's because... I thought you were beautiful. I didn't want such beauty to go to waste. I wanted to see you smile... Even if it cost me my life. I guess that's why."
I stare at him in shock, as tears form in my eyes. He smiles at me, and I smile back, unsure of how to respond.
He takes my hand and says, "You have a beautiful smile."

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