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Will I Be Brave Enough?

August 25, 2012
By ABazza GOLD, London, Other
ABazza GOLD, London, Other
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‘What’s wrong?’ you ask.
‘Nothing’ I reply.
‘Lisa, what’s wrong? Tell me. I hate to see you upset. Cheer up!
‘Don’t worry Luke, I’m fine. It’s just a headache.’
‘Are you sure Lisa? I’m your best mate and you can tell me anything. Seriously.’
‘Fine. But you asked for it. I love you, Luke. Not just in a best mate kind of way. In a way that means I want you to hold my hand on the way to school instead of the playful pushing and shoving. I want you to give me your jacket when it rains and hold me close to keep me warm and feeling secure. I want, need you to hold my hand, our fingers entwined and you never wanting to let go. I want you to kiss me with passion and longing. I want you to ring me every night before you go to bed just so I’m the person you’re thinking of before you drift into sleep. And I want you to say that you love me. Every single day. That’s what’s wrong. The fact that I have such strong feelings for you but in your eyes I’m just Lisa: best mate and officially one of the guys! Okay?’ I wait for your response.
You smile your gorgeous, shy smile and break the silence. ‘Lisa, for so long I’ve wanted to be the one who got to hold your hand, give you my jacket when it pours with rain, make you smile that beautiful smile that makes me fall in love with you again every day. Each time I see you the desire to kiss you is overwhelming and I cannot even count the times my fingers have hovered over my phone wanting to hear your voice. Hearing you say that you love me is the most amazing sound in the world. And I love you too: so very much.’
I look once more into my mirror, straighten my tie and grab my school bag. Will I be brave enough to tell you today after so many times practising for that one moment? Maybe tomorrow…

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