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Invisible Strings

December 15, 2012
By RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
RLJoy DIAMOND, Glen Rock, New Jersey
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The night before….

“Don’t make me go.” I whimpered like a hapless baby. My hands were like boxer mitts as they were curled into a ball. My foot tapped loudly on the wooden floor. Tears tackled my face, suffocating every breath I took.
“I don’t want to leave this! I don’t want to leave any of this! England is my home and you’re my family. I’m not leaving this all behind. You can’t make me; you can’t!”
“Honey, you have to understand how dangerous it is here. You can’t stay. A bomb hit ten blocks away from our house. We could be possibly next. Your mother and I aren’t doing this because we don’t love you; we are doing this to save you.” My father said, calmly. His well-aged skin stayed perfectly formatted as he put a grin on his face.
“Don’t lie! You want this to happen! You want to give us away so you don’t have to deal with Jonathan and me whining! Look at that smirk on your face. You obviously have been waiting for this the whole time!” I said, the veins in my face stuck out very clearly, forming some sort of pattern.
“Elizabeth, why would I be happy to give you away? I love you. See this smile on my face; these are my invisible string. I use them to be strong for you. I smile only because I’m trying to keep myself together for you and you know if you carry on this trait our invisible strings will connect. It will be like I never left you in the first place because these strings we’ll guarantee that we shall meet again.” He said his hands on both my shoulders.
“You promise we’ll meet again!” I said looking, firmly at him.
“I promise but promise me one thing; be strong for your brother and hold on to those invisible strings.”
“I promise.” I grinned; my invisible strings were now up.

My hands clashed neatly between my brothers gentle fingers. They wrapped around each other like a blanket. I bit my bottom lips, my eyes going cross eyed, trying to keep the tears from slipping as if I was holding in a secret.
"So this is it then." I soaked up the words that were thrown out of my little brother’s mouth like a bunch of useless cards. I looked into his dull hazel eyes, sucking all the happiness within me.

"No it's not; it's just the beginning." I said, my smile, being hold up by invisible strings.
Suddenly, I was pushed back into the hard wooden seat and reality hit me this was it. This was my final goodbye because once those bombs hit, they would destroy everything in its pathway. They would destroy the family I once had; my home.
It would be poison to give my parents the final goodbye; a stare. Regardless of what was good for me, I peeked out the window looking for them anyways, hoping that when our eyes meet invisible strings, the same ones that are keeping me brave for my brother, will connect us once again. I looked but saw an empty space where my parents once stood.
Instead I saw a bunch of worried parents huddled together, waving as the train drove further away; their invisible threads connected. And those tears I'd been holding in slipped down my face and I let go just like my brother; I abandoned those invisible threads.

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