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Blood and Rain

June 27, 2013
By sakemori GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
sakemori GOLD, Henderson, Nevada
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"You'll never know why that person is the way they are until you walk in their shoes."

She stepped out into the pouring rain and shivered. She had forgotten to bring her umbrella earlier that evening when she left her small apartment in Brooklyn and took the bus to New York City. "Great! I get to become sick on the only day off for the next two weeks. That’s just freaking perfect!" Her New York accent came out thick as she cursed and looked up at the bleary sky in resentment. She muttered under her breath unaware that she was being followed. The man behind her watched in slight amusement as the woman before him muttered curses under her breath and kicked at the puddles growing in front of her. The rain began to pick up and a sudden wind blew fiercely at her clothes, her hat on her head flying back showing dark brown hair that went to her waist. "Oh no!" She cried out in dismay and turned to find a man three feet back holding her hat. His face was covered by a cowboy hat and he wore a long black trench coat that was buttoned so she couldn’t see what he was wearing underneath. "I believe this was yours?" He called out over the wind and held out to her. Her gut was telling her to turn around and run as fast as she possibly could but she needed her hat. Her now deceased father gave her that hat and she wasn’t about to let it go just yet. She crossed the distance and took the hat from his outstretched hand and smiled warmly at him. "Thank you," she said. “I don’t know what I would do without it." She went to pull back but he caught her wrist and held on. She tugged on his hold but his grip was strong as he dragged her into a near by alley. She screamed but the sound was lost in the wind and no one else was around. The light of the street lamp disappeared as she was dragged father in. Three hours later, the body of twenty-two year old Marie Gonzalez was found in an alley on Main Street in Brooklyn, New York at 3:30 am. Blood was pooled around her and some was in a puddle of water from the rain earlier that morning. The killer was never found.

The author's comments:

Just popped up in my head after my mother told me what could have happened to her if she was pushed into the trunk of her car. I hope that girls out there realize the amount of danger they face if they walk the streets alone at night.

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