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Dear Danni

October 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Danni,

You’ve been missed so much sense you moved. So many things have changed and so many things have happened. Retia and David are going out again but you probably already knew that seeing how you know every thing. (Just kidding) Ohmagod like two weeks after you left we found out that Hannah was moving to Utah with her Dad. She had a huge meltdown. She wanted to stay with her mom so bad but her mom wouldn’t take her and when Hannah told me that it almost made me cry. Just the though of you own mother not wanting you.
I miss you and Hannah so much; if you want to write to Hannah her email is With the two of you gone I pretty much feel all alone. The only people I really talk to are Retia, David, Shawn, Gabby, Lance, and Shelby.

More obvious news is Lance likes Shelby again but you would have ever guessed Shelby likes Lance to. They might be going to Prom together and they said if that works out they might end up going out. I think that’s great news because Shelby is really in the dumps lately. (She really needs this boy to bring her up again)

Well I have been talking about everyone else so I am going to ask you a few questions. How’s school been? Do you like anyone? What are your friend’s names? How’s your mom and dad been? Do you miss me? (Well I know the answer to that lol) Is it nice up there in Maine? Has it snowed yet? I think that will be enough questions to fill up a few pages.

But here’s some more news from Lake Side High, That stupid boy, Gabby got suspended for smoking in the bathroom .He just doesn’t seem like that kind of boy. Would you ever think that cute, little Gabby would even think of picking up a cigarette but now smoking it, when he told me almost passed out it shocked me so much. So far in this so-called smoking stage of his life he says he is trying to quite but I doubt because he seems really addicted to it. But whatever it is not my body or life I just hope he gets his act together and really thinks about what he is doing.

You should come stay with me for a couple of weeks during the summer so we can hang out and you can see everyone again. I just hope your mom says yes, she can be so protective sometimes. If she says no that really make me mad and upset at the same time. I would tell you to call me but it is long distance so it will cost a lot of money.

My mom and dad told me to tell you they say hello. Janet also told me to tell you hello even though you don’t know her, she’s my mom’s friend’s daughter. Well I’m going to say goodbye till next time. I miss you so much. Muhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (2224)
P.S.-Write Back

Lots of Love your BFFL,
Kara Morgen xoxoxoxoxox

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