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The Streets

October 28, 2008
By Anonymous

In New York there were these two gangs that just couldn’t get along. One gang was a nice but don’t mess with gang that had a hard life growing up. They called themselves Bronx Bombers, they live in south Bronx. There were six crew members: JJ he is 22yrs old and he has always looked out for the crew, he always gave them rides and fought for them and with them, and he has a scar across his face. Then there is Derek he is 19yrs old he is the gamer, the brains, and a fighter, Killa AL he is 17 he is a lover and use to be a fighter. Lozo is 17; he is a lover and a fighter. Lunchbox is 16 years old he is the youngest of the group, with his girlfriend Mariah, he makes everybody laugh but when he gets mad he will fight you.
Then there was the so called Westside Connections. They thought they were the boss of everyone. They only had five crew members: Moses he is 24yrs old, Chan who is 20yrs old, Louis who is 18yrs old, Jocelyn who is 17yrs old, and Marcus who is 16yrs old. The reason why they think there the boss is because they are older, but they don’t have to treat people bad. So that’s when The Bronx Bombers come in to play they help out people but if you get on their bad side its trouble for you. People would rather get beat up by the Westside connections then the Bronx Bombers.
One day lunchbox was at school and Mariah didn’t show up. He was worried. He asked Killa Al and Lozo did they see her. He really couldn’t skip school today because all security was out there. Then after school he was walking home when JJ came and picked him up and he told him that Mariah is at the hospital in a coma. They drove there as fast as they can and when they got there when he saw her lying there he had to go hug her and her parents there. Her mom came up to lunchbox and slapped him but then hugged him because she was hurting. Then lunchbox asked did they know who did this and they said they don’t know then they had to think, so they left the hospital. When they got in the car they all said THE WESTSIDE CONNECTIONS! Then they made up a plan, telling Lozo and lunchbox that when they see Jocelyn and Marcus at school to beat them up so when they was at school they didn’t see them. So they skipped school and went back to the house then when they called JJ to pick them up behind came Marcus and Jocelyn. Then they both sucker punched both of them and they were fighting then wolf pulled out a knife, JJ pulled up beside them and they jumped in.
Then the next day they didn’t see Killa Al there at the fight or didn’t even come to there aid, so know they are kind of exiling him because they also heard he was talking to this girl he just met. Then a few days later lunchbox went to go see his girl he she woke up when he touched her, she called him by his maiden name “Calvin is that you,” he said “yes baby it is.” They both were hugging for a minute then the parents walked in and they were so happy. Lunchbox told her he will see her later and then he left after giving her a kiss. Then he called a meeting with the Bombers and they all met at his Derek’s house because he lived by himself, JJ did to but Derek’s house was bigger. So while they was talking Derek decided to go bomb one of their cars like mafia style, with the cloth in a bottle and lit it on fire. JJ asked everybody to raise their hands if they wanted to and the all raised their hands. Lunchbox didn’t care because he would do anything for revenge.
Before they went threw with the plan he went to go see Mariah, he told her the plan and she said that’s cool but be careful, she has always been his ride to die chick. The weekend has come now the Bombers were staking out the place when they saw the connections were coming. They hid behind the bushes when the connections was leaving they only saw four of them, they all noticed it was Moses’ house, so know they defiantly went to go through with the plan. So now they went in the house a beat up Johnny while he was in the refrigerator. Then they went outside and blew up his car and they left. So when they got home Lunchbox had to leave and go talk to his girl at the hospital.
The connections had no doubt for whom it was because of what they have done to Calvin’s girl, but now for them they don’t care its WAR! So now Mariah can get out of the hospital and the doctor told her that if she won’t to she can go back to school. She wasn’t worried about anything because of her boyfriend and the crew. So now she goes everywhere with them.

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