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March 6, 2014
By KGilbert SILVER, Oxford, Michigan
KGilbert SILVER, Oxford, Michigan
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Why her, of all people? Why couldn’t it have been me? Chris Ashwins, the most handsome man at Linton-Cyrus High School. Silky brown hair, baby blue eyes, a picture perfect smile. He even had a body that would make Channing Tatum jealous. He was the most intelligent man at the school as well. 4.0 GPA, on the Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance. Why waste a gorgeous soul like him on a rat like Emma Sorene? The bare thought of him being with the almond-eyed, red head made me disgusted. I’m a thousand times more fitted to be with someone like him. I’m more popular, I’m more beautiful, more talented, and more intelligent. And at least I can be trusted; I’m not a new student here. Maybe if somehow, I got her out of the picture, he could notice me and finally see that I should be with him.

I donned a red wig, brown contacts and some clothing from Emma’s locker, and made my way down the hallways after hours, knocking over any trash cans, causing as much noise as possible to get the security cameras on me. I wrote on boards with permanent markers, trashed classrooms; specifically classes Emma had. With her suspended, even expelled, I could become closer with Chris! Somehow, I just know after this that he would never want to date a delinquent. He never has, and he never will. Well, up until now. I smiled to myself, knowing that my brilliant plan has been set into motion.
“Emma Sorene, please report to the main office!” the PA system announced. It’s been a few days since “Emma” trashed the school, and I’ve been waiting to hear that announcement. I looked up from a book I previously had my nose in, to watch Emma slowly rise up from her desk and shuffle over towards the door. I waited until she was out of sight, so she couldn’t see me smile. When everyone saw the mess that “Emma” had made, there was instant panic. The janitors requested extra pay to clean up the mess, and install new white boards. Gossip buzzed around the school about who it could be. You couldn’t go an hour without hearing about it.

“Hey Chris, you look down. What’s wrong?” I asked Chris, a few days after Emma stopped showing up at school. Chris crossed his arms and leaned back in his desk.
“Emma got expelled. Turns out, she was the one who trashed the school.” He sighed.
“What? Why would she trash the school? Wasn’t she like, the kindest person?” I shifted my weight as I spoke my undetectable lie.
“Apparently, she liked her old school a lot better, so she trashed ours. I truly thought she was good person. And I didn’t want to be with a two-faced person.” He explained.
“Oh, I’m sorry. Well just remember, there’s always more fish in the sea.” I said, winking at him deviously. And I’ll be the one that has you wrapped around my little finger.

The author's comments:
I felt like an evil snob writing this. Its a villain P.O.V themed story. Hopefully my villain is as evil as I felt.

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