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It's Over

November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

It’s over, I have captured the Americans and they are unconscious. They tried to stop us, they just came right into our country, they should be taught a lesson. I am bringing them to a dark cell underground to hold captive. Dragging them into the cell and locking the door was the least of their concerns. I place a walkie talkie in the cell taped on to listen to their conversation just to know what they are doing before I decide what to really do to them.

I sit down about 100 yards from the cell in the underground tent that was set up. I then turn on the walkie talkie to listen in to them talk helplessly.
“Hey, hey, are you awake? Man, wake up, wake up!” screams one man.
“I’m awake. Where are we?”
“We are in a cell underground; the terrorists brought us here. They tried to drug us a while back.”
“They definitely drugged me because I have no idea what happened.” says the other.
The first man quickly whispers “They didn’t do it to me; they must have injected something else because I was slightly awake the whole time. They are going to kill us after a while; they just want to see if they can get anything in return for us. We have to escape.”
There is nothing these Americans can do now, it is too late. Why do they even bother trying, their lives are in my hands.
“I can’t see anything, and the door is locked. There is no way we can escape.”
The first man whispers something. “No, no, no. We will be killed, I am not leaving.” states the frantic panicked man.
The first one speaks again.
“We have to do this. We have no other choice.”

“Well who is going to do what?” asks the nervous man.
“You take the keys and I take the gun. You will unlock the door and I can lead the way. I know that our base is only a mile out from here hidden in the trees. We can make it if we go.”
Wait a minute, I think to myself. How did the Americans get a gun and the keys? I look down. My keys and my gun are gone.
“Oh, no.” says the leading man. “We need to leave now. I found a walkie talkie; they must be listening in on our conversation. Unlock the door, do it now.”
“I’m going I’m going!” says the other.
What do I do? The Americans are going to escape. I sprint up to the camp above ground and everyone is gone. I sprint back down and search for another gun.
“I can’t get it open. There are twenty keys and it is pitch black in here.” screams the weaker soldier.
“Move!” says the other.
I here two gunshots echo through the walkie talkie.
“Is the lock busted? Did it break, did it?”
“No. It is still locked.” says the other man.
I find a hand gun and crouch down in the tent, ready to stop them.

“Keep trying, we don’t have much time.” says the leader.
“I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this. They might spare our lives if we do not escape. And if we do, they will shoot us down when we get out.”
“They will torture us in here, until you wish you were killed. We leave now.”
“I got it, I got it.” says the man with the keys.
“Open the door and stay behind me, I will protect us. I know where we are, they drug me right into this place.” I sit nervously waiting for them to come. I peak my head out and they see me.
“Stop, I saw someone in that tent. He stuck his head out and looked right at me.”
“Are you sure? I was looking and I didn’t see anything.”
“I know I did.” Says the true soldier. I turn the corner and take three quick shots at the Americans. All three miss. The man returns fire and hits me right in the chest.
“I hit him. Come on, let’s go.”
I cannot pick up my gun.
“Move, we can make it out of here I see the end of the tunnel.”
“I’m coming.” says the other.
I’m hurting more and can barely keep my eyes open.
“Hey there is no one out here. Where did…”
My eyes close. It’s over.

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