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November 18, 2008
By Nikhil Buduma BRONZE, San Jose, California
Nikhil Buduma BRONZE, San Jose, California
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A gentle breeze blows across my face as I step out into the mysterious woods. A mosaic of fiery reds, sunshine yellows, and earthen browns blankets the cool ground like a quilt. As the wind strengthens, a blizzard of fresh leaves escapes the clutches of the tall trees to add to the ever-changing patterns of brilliant colors. With every step forward, the crackle of old leaves disturbs the eerie silence. However, as I pause to inhale a deep breath, the silence returns once again. Autumn has finally arrived!

After a short while, I find a comfortable place to sit under an ancient oak tree as I observe the thriving wildlife. As I peacefully rest, squirrels scurry across the forest floor, foraging through the leaves for fallen nuts and berries. A bright red robin gracefully circles around the woods, signaling its friends to prepare for their migration south. Rabbits swiftly claw through the damp dirt, creating burrows to safeguard themselves from the winter chills. A family of timid deer prances delicately through the woods, searching for a meal. After gazing at the magnificent wildlife, I soon sense a slight anxiousness lingering in the air as the woodland creatures prepare themselves for the cold-hearted, merciless winter. I decide to leave, careful not to disturb the hard-working animals

As I make my way back into civilization, I settle my gaze upon the countless children enjoying the wonderful weather. I spot a young chap raking up the multicolored leaves on his front lawn. However, as soon as he completes the tiring chore, he leaps right into the colossal pile, having to start over once again.
As the sun creeps behind the surrounding mountains, concealing itself from sight, a dazzling arrangement of stars fills the autumn night sky. A curious family scans the heavens, connecting the luminous stars like dots, creating their own constellations. After a long while, I slowly shift my gaze away as I start to stroll back home.
Once I enter the living room, I sit on my comfortable couch next to the fire as I reminisce about my wonderful vacations as the summer break comes to an end. Blissful memories of my trip to Disneyland, San Francisco, and Las Vegas stream through my mind as my eyes slowly shut. Simultaneously, I dream of the coming school year, filled with surprises just waiting to be uncovered.
It is then that I realize that it is the memories of the past summer, the excitement of today, and the mystery of approaching school year that makes autumn a season worth experiencing. Autumn is the time of year when I am engulfed by the marvels of nature and intrigued by the mystery of time. It is when the light of realization shines on my soul. Autumn is the season when all of earth’s wondrous gifts unravel before my very eyes. Wow…I guess autumn really is beautiful after all!

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