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April 17, 2014
By demiandselenalover2 SILVER, Alliance, Ohio
demiandselenalover2 SILVER, Alliance, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
You know how it hurts when everything falls apart
And it seems like the world is crashing at my feet
You like me the best, when I'm a mess
When I'm my own worst enemy
You make me feel beautiful
When I have nothing left to prove
And I can't imagine

She walks into the room. Her friends can tell something is wrong but none of them goes and asks. She downs her second shot of the most powerful whiskey hoping that she would forget. She knows that it won’t be the last one she downs before the night is over. There will be many more to come. She looks up and spots HIM. The same guy that changed her life. The very reason that she was drinking tonight. She knows that he knows that she is here. She can tell by the look in his eyes. She can’t look at him anymore so she grabs another shot from a guy walking by her. The guy looks at her but doesn’t say anything. Just how she likes it. She wants to be alone but knows that she can’t. Not after what happened last time. She almost drowned. Even though they weren’t going out she knows he won’t let anything happen to her. She is sure he is still looking at her but isn’t 100% sure. She knows that if she looks back then she might break down and she can’t do that in front of him. She can’t let him see her cry or all her hard work will be gone. She downs another shot when she spots him for the third time. Her friends are keeping track of how many shots she takes and knows they have to cut her off soon. She is already on her fourth shot and is starting to get tipsy but she isn’t drunk yet. Her friends see him walking up to her. They pull her outside. They finally noticed that everytime he looks or gets near her she takes another shot. She can’t take another shot or it would be over her limit. They know she can hold a lot more than that but its strong Whiskey and it has to end at some point. While walking her to her car they notice that she is saying his name under her breath. It’s him that she wants but isn’t ready to realize that she needs him. One of her friends leave to go find him while the others get her into her car. She knew that she should fight her friends and tell them off she don’t need anybody but she is sooo tired she can’t move. She can’t take it anymore and screams. This gets him to run out of the house and go after her thinking shes trying something again. She realizes that she just needs him and only him. She is saying his name clear as day now. She feels his arms around her and she finally stops yelling and saying his name. She is saying his name with joy and happiness now. Her friends have left them alone. He drives her home and he takes her to her room. The house is the same as it was before. He pulls her shoes off and goes to walk to the door but she stops him. The first thing she says all night to him has him climbing into her bed next to her and just holding her. They both know that they need each other now. They whisper each other name before they fall asleep. They know that they will always have each other. They would go to the ends of the Earth to make each other happy. And thats what they are happy.

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