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December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

The shrieking in my ears wakes me. I sit up in the darkness not ready to awake. The sun still lies dormant, not yet ready to rise. I trudge around my house, preparing for the long, uneventful journey that I was about to embark on this day. The cold morning wind whipped against my face like a lash. Its freezing touch left a burning feeling on my face. I wait solemnly for the bus to come, for it to take me to my fate, on my journey today. I get onto the vehicle, slowly, sadly ever dreading where it will take me. The long ride to my destination is uncomfortable and cramped. For I share it with many more, like me who are going to this horrid destination. We drive for what seems like hours but is only, in reality a few minutes.
As it comes to a slow halt in front of what can only be described as a house of horrors. We file off the bus slowly and quietly, all of us too tired, too miserable to speak. We head towards the doors of the school hoping that something, anything might occur to save us, to delay what we were about to do. But as we trudge on nothing comes, no one helps us, nothing happens. We head through the harsh, steel doors and into the dark, dank hell hole that can only be described as school.
We move into the large, twisted hallways. Most of us split up, going off in pairs or alone. We move into the crowd of lifeless corpses, blending in with the rest, becoming even more insignificant then we already are. As we move as a single entity we encounter another going in the other direction. Suddenly the hallways seem miniscule. These two opposing forces struggle against one another, trying tirelessly to reach our eventual destination. As we trudge on we branch of gong down different paths, moving into other groups or moving to the rooms.
The rooms are a torture chamber, a cell, a place of decay. As I make my way towards my cell an annoying ringing begins in my ears. For some reason or maybe no reason at all, I run. I run but not in a direction I wanted to. I run towards the cell, I don’t understand why but I look only to see others coming down from other hallways. All of us converging on the cell, towards the door, the door behind which is nothing but pain and suffering. We enter, heads low, ready for the wrath we have incurred. A man, no a monster, moves towards us. We don’t move, we don’t speak, and we don’t even look up. After his tirade is over we move to our separate torture devices. Each one created to be as uncomfortable as possible. We sit there necks aching as we can not rest them. We stare at the man, the monster as words stream out of his mouth and his hands write down numerous things on the board. I, not even noticing, not even sure why, write down and copy everything he says onto what had previously been a perfect, blank sheet of paper.
As my page begins to be covered in writing I drift asleep, too tired to copy anymore, to tired to watch the monster, too tired to care about the wrath I was about to induce. I drift asleep but as my eyes close, that mere second of peace, the monster converges on me. He yells at screams, until finally he points out of the door. Solemnly I stand up, head down and drag my feet out the door. As I step outside into the lonely, desolate hallway, I begin to walk. I walk through the abandoned hallway, past other cells and I occasionally see things moving down the hallway. It doesn’t occur to me that I can escape, that I can run to freedom. I just continue down empty hallway that even appears devoid of light. I then reach a new torture chamber.

This one seems even more imposing and frightening. As I near it fear courses through me. I slowly, gradually open the door and step inside. I go to my judgment day, resigning myself to my fate. As I enter the room, my eyes behold what appears to be death itself. This demon, who, if there is one, resembles the devil. He stares at me. His eyes bearing down on me as an oppressive force that heightens my fear, overwhelms my thoughts and suppresses any sense of reason I still had. I move carefully into my chair, never making any sudden movements, never saying a word and never looking into his eyes. He stares at me with his horrible gaze with an air of authority that makes him appear larger than he is. He begins to speak; his words are like ice and send a shiver down my spine. As he speaks my head whirls and I fall into a daze. I listen to him speak and as I do the urge to appease him arises in me. Whatever he spoke of I agreed with and as I did, his face twisted into what could only be described as a smile. He, having won my loyalty for the time being, waves his hand ordering me to leave.
As I leave the ringing occurs again and people flee their cells. I rush to another cell. As the day wears on I deal with other beasts and terrors. I trudge on continuously through the horror house until another ringing appears in my ears. This one though caused relief to swell up within me. I move with others towards where we had arrived and get into the vehicle. We all are weary from today’s journey and punishment. The drive is short, much shorter than it felt this morning. I, get off the bus, go to the door and go inside. In the safety of my home, I do more work, eat and then fall asleep again. Only to wake up tomorrow and start the horrible experience again.

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