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Fake for Real

December 6, 2008
By Anonymous

Alice snatched the slender can off of the counter and began to heavily mist her already perfectly quaffed hair. The aquamarine color of her gown was brilliantly accentuated by a single diamond hanging elegantly from her neck. She gave one last swipe of glitter mascara to her synthetic eyelashes and slipped her French-pedicure feet into a pair of charcoal Manola Blonics, finally ready for the talent portion of the pageant to begin. Then, out of no where, a rigid leg stuck out in front of her like a handle bar on a wrecked bicycle, and she took quite a spill on the oak-stained wooden floor. Mimi, the owner of the orange-tinted leg, emerged from behind a heavy burgundy curtain with a devilish smile plastered on her foundation-caked face. Alice rose quickly and came face-to-face with Mimi. Her eyes shot flaming bobby pins at Mimi and Mimi glared smugly back at her. “Watch your leg, Mimi. I don’t want any orange from your fake tan to rub off on my dress,” Alice snickered. “Oh, I thought some color would do that bland dress a favor, but I see your bottle blonde hair is taking care of that,” Mimi retorted as she sauntered off. It was finally time for Alice to go on stage, and she wasn’t going to allow herself to become unfocused. She delicately clutched the sides of her satin gown and raised her head almost touching the ceiling. Alice stepped out in front of the crowd and a wave of light flooded her eyes. Blindly, she made her way to center stage and was gliding along just fine until she accidentally collided with another contestant, and they both fell in a heap on the familiar floor. Alice’s eyes grazed the stunned crowd for any possibility that they may have missed her fall from grace. Her bright blue eyes settled on Mimi, who was on the side of the stage laughing so hard that she began to choke on what Alice figured was a piece of celery.

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