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A New Beginning

December 8, 2008
By sweetpea04 BRONZE, -, Other
sweetpea04 BRONZE, -, Other
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The lights started flickering on and off as she sat on the couch, “Lightning must of hit a power pole,” she thought as the lights went off for the last time. She was all alone in a house she didn’t even know, the people who lived there had just moved and they had the creepiest paintings on the walls. One was of a young boy who was painted all in black except for his brilliant blue eyes which looked like they were watching you. The boy was standing on a bridge above a sea of red, and there were bodies floating in the water.
“Why would someone keep such a gruesome painting in a house with five year olds? It didn’t feel right.” These people didn’t seem normal. It might have been because they were new in such a small town but what ever it was it was just wrong. All of a sudden she heard the floor creaking from above her.
“The girls must be up” she said aloud because it made her feel safer. But what was there to be afraid of she was in a house that had a security system and she had locked all the doors. Well except the patio but who would climb up a step cliff twenty feet above the ocean. It just wasn’t possible.
Slowly she started walking up the stairs. Both girls were sleeping soundly, then who had been walking up here only a few minutes before. Was it just the wind or was there someone in there? There couldn’t be. There was a storm outside so who would chance climbing up that cliff in a storm and risk their life? No one she new would, they treasured their life too much to do that. She grabbed the flash light off the dresser of the main bedroom.
“Hello? Is anyone here?” she whispered as loud as she could without waking up the two kids who were hard to get into bed in the first place. No one answered. Suddenly, a loud bang came from the floor below.
“There’s someone in here.” She thought panicking, “what am I going to do?”

She started running towards the girls’ bedroom. All of sudden she felt the room go black as a loud thud echoed off the back of her head. It seemed like an eternity before she finally hit the ground. She could feel the warm blood trickling down her neck as she tried to get up. Who was in here? What was happening? The Girls?!?! She had to get up and help them. What if the thief was going to hurt them? She tried to get up but no matter what she did she couldn’t. She tried to open her eyes, but all she could she was blackness.

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