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Dreamland part 3

May 18, 2015
By NOIZTHIMS GOLD, South Jordan, Utah
NOIZTHIMS GOLD, South Jordan, Utah
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"If your eyes could speak, what... what would they say?" -Max (from "The Book Thief")

I sit in bed, just like always.
The frustration burning inside me.
Why can I go to the best place I've ever been every night, and then wake up to find that the cold, hard world, is still cold, and hard. No magic. Not for me. I can't take it! The wonder sits outside my door waiting for my to reach out to it. I would but it hurts too much. I can't stand it anymore. I can wish all I want but I always have to wake back up. No! Not anymore! I push the covers off, jump out of bed, and dash up the dark stairway. I don't care if I scare it away anymore. If there isn't anything more than darkness up there right now, my faith in life will be gone. Normality is too harsh. I run through the kitchen, unlock the front door and throw it open.

I'm hit by a blast of cold air that completely freezes me right to the bone through my thin pajamas. I don't take any notice. Because there, right in front of me, is the moon. It sits in the sky right above my head, but directly in front of me. I slow. The stars twinkle. Did they do that before? One by one they blink at me, the great eyes of the cosmos. This time, instead of me looking out at the infinity that I know space to be, it looks in on me. The moon, the stars, and everything seems to be staring at me expectantly. Instantly my rage is replaced by wonder. Long have I been seeking the secret. I've been searching for the place where the magic hides. I found it! Here. On this spot of ground I've remembered the long-forgotten secret.

It's everywhere.
The stars, the moon, the chirping of the crickets, the smell of dew-dampened grass! The magic that I Have been feeling around every corner. I found it. It takes love and patience to hear it. It whispers out of the blackest parts of night. Out of the brightest moments of day. Springtime brings it back, day by day, moment by moment, second by instant. It comes back to life. Here, my heart tells me. And over there, and there too. My eyes flick wildly around every bit of the night. This instant. My slice of reality, frozen right here. My heart reminds me, as I remember. There is magic here, in this cold hard existence. It's everywhere.

My quest is over now. My story, just beginning. I’ve found life again. And now, I must do something with it. So here I'll be, day by day. Writing, giving, loving, laughing, understanding, helping, living. That  is a powerful word. Living. My dreams have lead my home. May I never forget this feeling. May I ever stand here. In this place. In love.  Gathering stories. I’ve been searching so long for the magic. Now, I found it. And I'll always remember how to take myself back

to dreamland.


You can go there too

Do you want to know how?

Just wish.....








The author's comments:

I conclude my thoughts on dreaming with this.

The best kind of dreams happen when you're awake.

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on May. 26 2015 at 9:44 pm
EvalynnHeather GOLD, Clemmons, North Carolina
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So I just read all parts of dreamland. Overall it's really good, it has great imagery and is easy to relate to. However, I noticed in some parts you would get "lost" in detail. Just focus on keeping the amount of detail just right, not too much. Again, overall really great