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Wowzers in my Trousers pt. 3

January 9, 2016
By Blackjack. GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
Blackjack. GOLD, Suffolk, Virginia
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Jeff nervously knocked on the door of Alice's Apartment. A mellow "come in" was said in the voice of Alice. Jeff entered with caution. They did one heck of a job putting together her apartment. "Did we offend you in anyway?" Asked Jeff. "No..... it's not your fault I freaked." Said Alice, she looked like she was crying. " okay?" Jeff asked. "Yes.....I am WONDERFUL!" Said Alice sarcastically. "DO you want to talk about it?" Jeff asked. Alice looked up at Jeff. "Okay....sit down." Jeff did as soon as she commanded. Vin just stood there, a little disappointed at what he's seeing. "Can......I watch or have a say?"

"Now's not a good time, Vin." Said Jeff. "No, he can stay. I think I might need a good laugh or two." Said Alice. Vin sat on the other end of Alice's couch. And she began talking. "There are many reasons I moved here in Miami. The first is why I freaked about the burning apartment original apartment....was burned down by a mob." Jeff and even Vin were shocked. "I remember seeing that on the news, YOU LIVED THERE?!" Said Vin. Alice nodded her head. "And so did my sister, she died in the fire." This made both guys feel bad for Alice. "Another reason I came here is to get closer to my boyfriend, Eric." 

Vin exploded. "You’re WHAT?!" "My boyfriend?" Said Alice in a form of a question. "Oh......okay. And.... are you excited you are gonna see him more?" Asked Jeff. Alice began crying again. "I'll take that as a no." Said Vin. "What's wrong with you relationship?" Asked Jeff. "He's an absolute JERK!" cried Alice.
Vin shot Jeff a "bro, this is way out of our zone" look. Jeff wrapped his arm around Alice in a friendly gesture. "I'm sorry, guys can be really stupid sometimes," he said consoling her. The stress of all the sudden emotions drove Alice to tears.


She started sobbing in Jeff's arms, which caused Jeff to hold her closer. Jeff remembered holding his younger sister after her first heartbreak when her boyfriend left her….for another man.


"If you ever want some.” Vin faked a cough. “Tough guys to teach this guy a lesson, just call us and he won't know what hit him," Vin told Alice to comfort her. "T-t-thank-ks. I-it's been an l-long t-t-t-time since someone's bee-n-n this nice to me..." Alice softly said in an emotion choked voice as she gently wiped her wet cheeks.


Vin nudged Jeff in the gut and murmured "the plan" under his breath. Jeff shot him a dirty look, and spoke. "Do you want to come over to our apartment for a pizza and movie night to take your mind off of all this? Our dorky friends you met earlier are over to watch Wrath of the Mummy's Curse. It's super cheesy, but half the fun in it is mocking the acting and special effects," he asked.


"Sure, that sounds nice," she replied moving out of his arms towards the door. "But wait, Jeff!" Said Vin as if he's planning something. "What?" Asked Jeff. "Don't you wanna ask out gang first to have a guest join in?" Said Vin. "Why would I want to ask our friends if someone ELSE can join?" Jeff said slightly annoyed.


"Simple really." Said Vin. "For about two or three years now we have met in out vary apartment, order two bacon, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas with breadsticks and wings with a two-liter of Pepsi and watch dumb movies and make fun of their sorry excuses of special effects. Don't you think if a new addiction comes along, things will fall out of place?" Asked Vin.


"Scarlett always has Rudy over for this, things always come undone enough." Said Jeff. "Oh." Said Vin. "Well I guess its fine then." "Alright, but I kind of got to drain the lizard so…may I use it?" Asks Jeff to Alice.  Slightly confused on his quotes, Alice pointed to the back on her apartment to the restroom and Jeff followed her way, only to get pulled over to Vin with a question. "If your friend is a disappointment, I can be the replacement." Said Vin in a hurry before Jeff comes back.


" asking me out?" Asked Alice with a slight hint of surprise in her voice. "There's a lovely Olive Garden nearby…" Said Vin with a smile. Alice took a while to think before saying a formal "Well...yeah sounds like fun? Does seven on Saturday sound good?" "Yep. Seven on Saturday sounds fine." Said Vin. "Okay." Says Alice.


Before Vin can say anything else, Jeff emerges from the washroom ready to go back to the apartment. "Alright I'm set." exclaims Jeff. Vin pushed Alice away so it would seem like nothing was going on. "Okay, let's go." Says Vin getting up. "What's going on?" Asks Vin. "Nothing!" Says Vin without thinking. As Jeff, Vin, and Alice goes to Jeff and Vin's apartment. They come across an arguing Charles and Willy, they are again debating Rudy's addiction.

The author's comments:

Big thanks to those that helpt me in this part of the RP. You guys rule!

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