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Teen Spirit

February 10, 2016
By KayeIsWriting SILVER, Oxford, Alabama
KayeIsWriting SILVER, Oxford, Alabama
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   It smells like teen spirit in the dark blue bleachers. And sweat. As cheerleaders kick and flip around, the football players stare off into space or chat casually. This guy sitting next to me has his arms up and is pounding his fist in the air. The body odor this dude carries is almost nauseating, giving me a good excuse to move by my friends.  As I climb down through people's shoulders and arms, I spot my crush. I consider sitting by him, but Eden, Caelin and Brisa see me and wave me over to their seats before I could decide. I look back and see him grinning and whooping with his much shorter friend as the cheerleaders do another high kick. The sight of it all makes me laugh. Eden glanced where I had been looking and shrugs her shoulders. I think I spotted a smirk and rolling eyes as I turned my back on her.
   I get up out of the bleachers to go and hangout in the hallway alone. I needed to get out of there. Crowds, ugh. I'm not scared of them, but they're gross. As I watch the stunts and varied rally cries, I see him walk through the door. Alston. Alston Matthews has been my crush since the seventh grade, so about a year or two now. I haven't let it go since. He smiles and waves then walks off towards the front office. I wonder what he's going there for. Probably to pick up something. He doesn't seem like he's sick. He almost never gets in trouble. Probably an award for being the best student for two years in a row. I've always wondered what he thought about me. Like once he looked at me like he wanted to say something important, btu then when I saw him he looked away, kind of blushing a little with an awkward smirk on his face.
   "Whew. Didn't think I'd ever get through that. Unbelieveable!" He paced over exhaustedly. "Get through what?" "Having to check out without asking you out." My eyes widened in shock. "I'll let you know on Monday..." 

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