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February 23, 2009
By idkill4thekillers PLATINUM, Orchard Park, New York
idkill4thekillers PLATINUM, Orchard Park, New York
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There I sat, anxiously tapping my foot, staring blankly at the aged pastel wallpaper. A loud boom from behind me made me jump a mile high. I turned to see what the racket was. It was only my brother and his stupid new war game he got for the computer. Damn those nerds who made those games'they made the games all too real. Now I could hear the faint sound of a machine gun and the cry of a man getting blown to pieces as he died for his country. I wanted to turn and scream at the man'no not man, not even teenager, more of a prepubescent nuisance. That'thing sitting at the computer unfortunately was my younger brother. All he did was play game after game filled with violence and gore. To me it was sickening and brainwashing.

What is there to live for if all you do is sit on your ass and destroy every neuron in your brain? I thought angrily. I really needed to use the computer. I had a project that we were just assigned and I wanted to at least get some of the research out of the way, but of course I couldn't, not while Sir Kills-A-Lot is in the middle of world domination. The worst part was he actually thought what he played was real history. Ha! I chuckled on the inside, the only part of history that is correct in there is how many civilians died thanks to bloodthirsty buffoons like my brother. I looked at the clock. It was 4:30. Already, jeez I wasted two and a half hours. Mom would be home soon. She would help me kick him off the brainwashing device.

My whole leg twitched now. I couldn't wait much longer. Something inside of me was ready to burst. I slowly got up and walked to the side door to unlock it for my mom; she would be home any second. It looked lovely outside especially since the genius meteorologist said was supposed to rain all day. I strolled nonchalantly over to wear my brother sat mumbling to himself about Nazis, Commies, and Krauts. I swear he was getting dumber by the second. He didn't notice me as I brushed past him and headed to the wall. I leaned against the wall casually and stared with a crooked smile on my face, stared directly as his mummified look.

After a minute or two of staring, not shifting even the slightest millimeter, my brother finally turned and stared at me. I could tell I was bugging the crap out of him. There was fire in his eyes and my smirk grew wider. He quickly turned to his game, clicked a button, and faced me again. I continued to smile and act casual.

'What do you want?' he growled through his teeth.

'Oh nothing'' I said pretending to pick something out of my nails.

'Then get the hell out of here,' he fired back with as much rage as a category 5 hurricane.

'Whoa, what's with the bad mood? Is it that time of the month again?' I asked with the thickest coating of sarcasm I could put into my tone. That's when he got up with all his might and lunged forward. Before he could lay one finger on me I dove out of the way towards the outlet where the computer is plugged in. After he recovered from smashing in the wall he saw what I was thinking. He screamed, 'No!' but that didn't stop me. I reached for the switch and hit it. The computer screen went black. I could hear him breathe heavier now in big puffs. He was enraged. I was amused. Before I could get up and turn the computer back on, he pounced.

His attack was swift and fierce like that of a cheetah but it was brutal and painful like that of a tiger. He flopped on top of me fists swinging, some punches missing me entirely others hitting me straight on. Once I finally got him off me and pushed him against the wall I heard mom pull up the driveway. Our breathing slowed and we looked at each other with fear in our eyes. We scrambled to put things back to normal. I dove for the switch and turned the computer back on. He ran to get his back pack and finish his homework. Although we were both steaming we knew we had to keep a nice fa'ade for our mom. She couldn't handle much more. I ran to the bathroom to make sure I wasn't bleeding or bruised. I wasn't, that was good. Mom came in and saw a picture perfect scene, her son doing his homework diligently and her daughter studying thoroughly. She smiled and shook a paper bag in her hand. It was dinner. I didn't feel hungry so I passed.

I worked until the night. Thank God it was Friday because I did not want to get ready for school the next morning. He was gone. He left about an hour ago, after he pigged out on Doritos and soda. I decided I had done enough research for tonight and deserved a treat. So I called my boyfriend, Chase, and asked him to come get me for a walk. He was more than happy to do it. I said good-bye to my mom, put on a sweatshirt and waited outside. Chase was there within seconds.

'Hey sweetheart,' he said cheerfully.

'Hi,' I said matching his tone.

'Is your brother here?' he asked anxiously as if he wanted to see him.

'No,' I roared, nearly biting Chase's head off.

'Oh'I was just wondering'did you two have another fight?' he asked very sympathetically.

I sighed heavily and replied, 'Yeah, but it doesn't matter'it's just what we do'it's just because we are siblings.'

'I guess you're right.'

'Come on let's go,' I said quickly changing the subject.

'Where to?' he asked casually.

'Where ever our feet take us,' I said coolly. He shrugged, grabbed my hand, and waited for me to lead. I hesitated, then started walking, a nice slow pace up the main road. It was quiet not that many people out tonight. It was only eight at night so most of the drunks were still in the clubs and bars. It was quiet. I wasn't in the mood for talking, and Chase could tell. We continued up the road for another couple of minutes when I saw another shadow coming from the other direction. It was a man'no a boy stumbling at a fast pace. He looked like he was trying to get away from something or someone. I looked at Chase, worry across my face. I felt bad for the boy. Although the street was dark and there were no stars or moon I could tell this boy was too young to be all alone right now. Chase knew me all too well.

'Hey!' he yelled towards the boy. The fragile boy jumped back, startled by the voice that broke the silence.

'Are you okay?' Chase persisted, still no answer from the boy. Just then from the corner of my eye I could see the road illuminate. I turned around and saw a pickup truck barreling down the highway right toward Chase and me. I was stunned, too scared to move. The drive, obviously drunk swayed back and forth. Chase pushed him and me out of the way just in time, but unfortunately nothing could be done for the boy. Thunk. Thud.

Chase and I lay in the grass on the side of the now silent road. I was too scared, too sad to move. The truck driver had obviously not noticed that he had hit something let alone a' human. That's when it clicked.

'The boy!' I screamed. Running to wear I had seen the dismantled young man staggering away from something. I could see his body lying on the shoulder of the road. He was still breathing'for now. Tears were flowing from my eyes because I noticed who he was. Chase ran over.

'I'm calling 911,'he said just as shocked as I was. I couldn't speak. I bent down and placed two of my finger on his neck. His pulse wasn't good'it was too slow. I was hysterical now. My brother'my own flesh and blood was dying right before my eyes'and the last thing we did together was fight over a stupid computer. I cried even harder as Chase stayed on the phone with the 911 operator. He came over and checked his pulse and told the operator what it was. Then I heard him make a funny noise. It sounded like he was trying to say something.

I grabbed his hand and said, 'Shh'don't say anything'everything is going to be okay'' Tears were dripping everywhere.

'Listen'I know we were never the best of friends'but I just want you to know that'' I was cut off by the sound of sirens. I tried to continue my voice cracking and unsteady.

'I love you Tony'I always have''

A paramedic came and started touching Tony testing him. Tony made that throat noise one more time then the paramedic's face turned to stone. Tears were flowing freely. I knew if I tried to speak again my voice would pass through different octaves. Chase was by my side now, cradling me to his chest trying to console me. I was staining his shirt with my salty tears but that didn't matter anymore.

'I'm so sorry,' the paramedic said, 'he's gone.'

'Good-bye little brother, I love you. Say hi to dad and grandma and grandpa. I love you.'

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