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Mine. (This is only the basic summary)

September 1, 2020
By DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
DJAlyss GOLD, El,paso, Texas
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Jessica and John Have been dating for 3, almost 4, years now. They are starting their final year at their local college. Their relationship is strong and well built until the new freshman come in. A new freshman girl attempts to steal John from Jessica and Jessica holds her ground, going as far as threatening to kill the new girl. This lands her trouble with the law and she is arrested. Instead of going to the county jail she ends up at the mental ward. She waits in a bright white room. A tall young man walks in and sits in front of her. She recognizes him immedietly. Her therapist. He explains t o her that this will probably be her home for a while and that she needs to remain calm while he explains what happened to her. She agrees and explains to her everything saying this will not be the first time this will happen. He explains that at the age of 17 she was diagnosed with Delusional disorder. When she was 14 in high school she had a bf named Jackson. They were deeply in love and he tragically died during the end of junior year. She was completely traumatized and underwent an immense amount of therapy.  Her name is not Jessica it's Cynthia and she is an incoming freshman at the Local college, She has been stalking and violating John, who reminds her of Jackson. Cynthia goes into a distraught fit and is left alone. For three weeks she stays silent in her confinement until one day she starts hysterically laughing and is unable to stop. She continues laughing while across town John and Jessica say I do.

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